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Puppies killed one of my chicks

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up two puppies someone had dropped off on the side of the road. My wife and I live in a rural area which means people can drop off unwanted pets with a low risk of being spotted.

The puppies were living in a hollow log on the side of the road. After feeding them for around a week I was able to get close enough to grab them. When I picked them up they did not growl, bark or try to bite me. Just to be on the safe side I wore leather gloves.

Everything was going good until this morning. My wife got up before I did, she looked out the backdoor and saw the puppies under the chicken house. The chicken house is up on legs, screened bottom with hardware cloth and plywood sides. The chicken house was designed to be predator proof. We have a chicken yard, but the gates are left open so the hens can free range.


When dogs attack

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Over the past couple of weeks, several cities in southeast Texas have reported dogs attacking children. Lets not get into dog physiology and “why” dogs attack. Lets move past that point, the dog has attacked the child, the child suffered minor injuries and is alive and well.

My personal opinion, if a dog acts aggressive towards children – the dog should be destroyed. This usually means taking it to a vet and having it put to sleep.  When a dog attacks a child – parents, friends, relatives and law enforcement must ensure that another attack never happens again. If that means destroying the dog then so be it.

There are a lot of people that disagree with that statement. They will argue that it was a “one time event” and will never happen again. This makes me wonder about the people. Who do they care more about, the dog or the child?  This issue is addressed at the bottom of this article.

Then there is the health issue – does the dog have rabies? Has the dog had its rabies shots? Does the dog need to be tested for rabies? The questions about rabies will be decided by the local health officials, doctors and animal vets.


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