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American student loan nightmare

There was once a time when a college education was affordable. Young adults could finish college, have minimal student loan payments, and be able to enjoy life.

The federal government has close to a trillion dollars in student loans. A lot of those students will take decades to pay back their loans, if ever.

Wages have been stagnate since the 1990s. Think about that. If wages have stagnated, how are people supposed to pay for an expensive education?

Why are students getting degrees in useless fields, such as political studies? We need more engineers, and less basket weavers.

Prison of your mind

survivalistWould you believe me if I told you were in prison right now? For the most part of your life you have been in prison, a prison of your mind.

Where did this prison come from? Our prison comes from our society and our culture. Our prison are the things that we “think” we have to do. We have to go to school, we have to go to college (and go into student debt), we have to buy a home or rent and stay in debt, we have to buy a car (more debt), we have to have children, we have to pay taxes, we have to celebrate predefined holidays – christmas, easter, valentines day,,,, and so on.

There are different levels of prisons, with some being worse then others.

The worst prison we put ourselves in, is the prison of debt

Debt is a parasite that slowly sucks the life out of its victim. But for some reason we have been taught that we should go into debt. Why does society think we should use credit cards, why should we buy a new car, why do we have to buy a fancy home, why do we have to live at the edge of our means?

If you listen to the experts on the economy, the more money people save, the worse the economy. Our economy is driven by people spending money. Spending money is what we should not be doing, we should be saving money.

We spend money, we run pout of money, we ask a bank for a loan, the bank then has control over our lives. Get behind on a car note, or house note, you can find yourself in dire straits.

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Enslaving ourselves through debt

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Is your life founded on debt

angelina river jasper texasIs your life founded on debt?

When you bought a house, did you have to take out a loan?
When you bought a car or truck, did you have to take out a loan?
When you paid your electric bill, did you use a credit card?
When you bought groceries, did you use a credit card?
When you rented a movie, did you use a credit card?
When you went to the movies, did you use a credit card?
When you bought gas for your truck or car, did you use a credit card?
When you bought clothes, did you use a credit card?
When you went to the doctor, did you use a credit card to pay your co-pay?
Did you use a credit card to pay off medical bills?
Did you pay cash for your breakfast, or did you use a credit card?
Did you put christmas on a credit card, or did you pay cash?

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