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Venezuela Suspended Gun Rights for 180 Days

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This is what happens when the government controls firearms. There is a lot to learn from Venezuela. Some people may say “That could never happen here”, sure it can. The government can suspend civil rights under certain situation. The United States Supreme Court upheld Executive Order 9066, which was signed by Franklin Roosevelt and detained thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The law has yet to be repealed.

What I worry about, is groups like antifa causing enough civil unrest that basic civil liberties are suspended.

With the outrage with Trump being elected President, what would happen if he is reelected?

My personal opinion the left is not far from causing widespread civil unrest. Look at the news, look at the unrest over freedom of speech at American Universities.

It appears Venezuela has reached a tipping point, and we are not far behind.

A Warning: Venezuela Just Suspended Civilian Gun Rights for 180 Days

The honest truth is, the liberal left does not respect any opinion expect those that agree with them. Under a liberal controlled government, the only people who have rights are those who agree with the left.

If you disagree with the left, you have no rights.

CNN caught censoring the news

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Have you ever wondered if the major news outlets are telling you the truth, and especially the “whole” truth?

CNN has recently been caught censoring the news.  This report comes from Milwaukee after the shooting of Sylville Smith. Let’s not get into the details of why Sylville Smith was shot by police. Just realize that CNN has is not telling the “whole” truth.

Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith, gave a video interview, but CNN left out some important quotes from her video.

What CNN reported that she said:

“Don’t bring that violence here,” Neal said, sobbing as she lamented that she would never be able to again hug her brother.

CNN left out some important details, such as what Sherelle Smith says in the rest of her interview:

“Yall burning down shit we need, take that shit to the suburbs, burn that shit down.”

Fast forward to around the ten second mark to hear her comments about burning down the suburbs.

Why are the major news outlets ignoring the comments of Sherelle Smith? Could we imagine what the news would say if a white person said to burn the inner cities? Every news outlet would be writing articles that racism is alive and well. Yet the a major media outlet like CNN can censor unfavorable quotes?

Civil Liberties Breing Stripped Away

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National Defense Authorization Act
Warrantless searches
Cell phone companies turning over records without a warrant
Use of torture
Factories have gone to China
Decade long war in the middle east

Laws are being stacked so at anytime the government can declare martial law.

And people still think they are free?

Is The DHS Preparing For Civil Unrest

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Department of homeland security has bought over 1 billion rounds of ammunition.

National debt is increasing at a dramatic rate.

Federal reserve is printing money out of thin air.

National Defense Authorization Act allows the government to detain US citizens with no due process of law.

The foundation has been laid, all we need now is a spark.

This video refers to civil war. Instead of civil war, I look for widespread civil unrest. The first time the grocery store shelves are empty, people will riot. When welfare is cut off, people will riot.

1 in 4 United Kingdom youths jobless

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Thank you Russia Today for this video,

From the youtube description

Every fourth person under the age of 25 in Britain is currently out of work. And despite government efforts, many young people say there are no opportunities available for them.

A bored society is a dangerous society. Sooner or later youths will look to blame the lack economic opportunity on “someone.”

High unemployment gives birth to hate groups, civil unrest and violence.

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Police cracking down on occupy movement

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It is not taking long for the police to crack down on the Occupy Wall Street movement. How dare these people protest wall street,,, lol.

The thing is, peaceful protest is not going to do anything.

Rioting is not going to accomplish anything either.

If the Occupy Wall Street wanted to do something, why dont they rally behind someone like Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party?

The only way real change is going to happen, is if people change they way they vote. If the occupy movement wants to bring about real change, educate the public on other political parties besides the big two.

As long as the two major parties are re-elected into office decade after decade, generation after generation, nothing is ever going to change.

If anything, the occupy movement has given the people false hope.

Personal Responsibility

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Kevin Felts blogger and survivalistBaby daddy not helping you with the bills? Maybe you need to get your lazy ass off the couch and get a job.

It is not the job of the tax payers to compensate stupid people. Dont know how to prevent your girlfriend from getting knocked up? Maybe you need to make a trip to the free clinic and get your nuts cut.

Got more kids then you can afford, STOP HAVING MORE!!!!!!! Welfare is not your private checkbook.

My wife and I have a friend of the family that is squeezing out her first child. The baby daddy said he was having an asthma attack, so he gets in the car and drives almost an hour to the next hospital. Keep in mind, the mom was in a hospital. Why not walk over to the emergency room instead of driving to the next town? Because the sorry piece of trash baby daddy wanted to get as far away from the mom and the baby as he can get. The piece of trash baby daddy is around 25 years old, working for minimum wage at the local china-mart, does not provide health coverage for the mom or the baby, does not have a car, and does not even have a drivers license. But yet he can knock the mom up?

The mom on the other hand has a good job, has private health insurance, has a car and has a drivers license.

What the hell was she thinking when she had sex with a bum?

Now the mom and the baby are going to have to deal with a dead beat dad for the rest of their lives.

Its called Personal Responsibility

For the women – Do not get knocked up by a bum.

For the men – If you can not take care of your kids, do not go around getting women pregnant.

To yourself and to the public

It might just my silly idea of how the world is supposed to work, I think people should contribute to society more then the take out.

Lets take a welfare bum that lives in public housing, gets several hundred dollars worth of food stamps and does not work. How much does that person contribute to society? Probably nothing to very little. People that live that lifestyle are nothing more then a drain on society.

When there is more taken out of the bank that goes in, sooner or later you go broke. And that is the direction the U.S. is headed.

Children learn behavior from the environment they are raised in. What happens when welfare bums have kids and do not teach the children the value of work? We end up with generations of welfare parasites.

The United States government is going broke while more and more people stand there with their hands out.

Middle Class Caught In The Middle

Maybe part of the problem is that the middle class has been caught in a catch 22. The manufacturing jobs that supported the middle class have been sent to china and other cheap labor countries. So what are the people supposed to do?

Just as crops whether in the fields without rain, so the middle class withers away without good paying jobs.

I think that people are hard workers. It is in our nature to do a hard days work. I also feel that the majority of people turn to welfare only as a last ditch effort, maybe as a last resort.

So what is the middle class supposed to do? May go back to college and sink our families into debt for student loans? Maybe learn a skill or a trade?

As a parent, you have a responsibility to provide for your family.

As a citizen, you do not have the right to be a willful burden upon the community.

The keyword there is “willful”. There is a difference in being down on your luck and needing a helping hand, and freeloading off the system.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our family and our community to be responsible for our actions, and the effects those actions have on the community.

The State Of The Nation June 2012

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Kevin Felts blogger and survivalistHas anyone looked around and paid attention to the state of our nation?

Our manufacturing base has been shipped to china
College education is more expensive then ever
Cost is up, and the quality of a college education is down
Big business gets to ramrod just about whatever law they want through congress
The war in the middle east is over a decade old
2012 presidential elections looks like its going to be between tweedle dee and tweedle dum
Housing has reached a point where everyday working people can not afford to buy
Wall street needs to bailed out from time to time, while the government ignores the people needing help
Health care is more expensive then ever
Legal drugs like bath salts are poisoning our youth
U.S. gubberment tries to declare war on its own people with laws like NDAA
U.S. imperialism is encroaching ever closer to Russia and China
With the factories gone, we are running short on skilled labor
National debt is increasing faster then a kid with mommies credit card in a toy store
Prices have been increasing faster then wages.

Housing Bubble

I think we need to talk about prices for a little bit, and especially home prices. When the housing bubble was going from the early 2000s to around 2008, home prices doubled, tripled and then quadrupled. But yet wages stayed the same. How can something justify such price increases? People need to use a little common sense. When something is doubling in price, something is wrong – especially when it comes to a life essential. Housing is essential, unless you like living in a cardboard box.


The George Zimmerman Issue

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This George Zimmerman issue is getting out of hand. From the evidence I have seen, the only reason, and I mean “THE” only reason why George Zimmerman is on trial, is from pressure from the black community.

White on black violence – black community demands some kind of action.

Black on white violence – the black community is silent.

Where is justice in that?

When is the news media, and the black community going to start demanding equal rights and justice for all? That “equal” part includes not ignoring black on white violence.

Equal justice for all demands we ignore race, religion and sex.

If there was really justice for all, when there was a black on white crime, the news media would make a big deal out of it, just like what they did with George Zimmerman.

Society needs to get past the color issue.

Generations of welfare parasites

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survivalistIf there is one thing that pisses me off more then anything else in this world its a welfare leech. Welfare leechs are parasites that suck the life out of taxpayers. They are too lazy to work, but somehow justify their actions.

I have depression,
I am disabled (but they can do everything else in life just fine),
I have panic attacks,

If you can get out of bed, fix yourself breakfast, walk out to the mail box, get your welfare check, drive to the bank, check your check, go shopping, go home and play on the internet all day, you are NOT disabled.

There is a family that I know who are on their third generation of being welfare parasites.

Think about that for a minute, three generations of receiving benefits from the government. Benefits that people who get up everyday and go to work to pay for.

The least the parasites can do is wash my truck or cut my grass, but then again, if they did that, they could not claim disability.

I get so sick and tired of seeing people buying groceries with their food stamp card, while I have to buy my own groceries.


Buy your supplies and stack them deep

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Stockpiling food for SHTFAs I am sitting here watching the news, there is little voice in the back of my head telling me the US is going to hit rock bottom. Unless Ron Paul gets elected, things are just going to continue to get worse. GOD help us if someone like mit or rick perry gets elected, because they are not going to help anyone besides the bankers.

What I see happening is tensions between the US and china and tensions between the US and iran to continue to rise. Compounded with that, congress is talking about cutting the defense budget.

Let me see if I get this right, iran is continuing to enrich uranium, and the US congress wants to cut money from the defense? When your enemies are building nuclear weapons, shouldn’t we at the very least maintain our current rate of military spending?

There are several directions I see the US going during 2012:

1. iran builds a nuclear bomb, gives the bomb to a small group of terrorist who sneak it a cross the US-mexico border. From there its just a matter of time before a major US city has a nuclear weapon detonated in it.

Its not like a group of terrorist would even have to sneak a nuclear bomb across the border. Why not hire a truck and drive the bomb across? If 10 – 20 million illegal immigrants can find their way into the US, surely its not “that” difficult to get weapons across.

2. israel strikes iran, which threatens the supply of crude oil to russia and china. russia and china see the strike as a threat to their national security. In return, china and/or russia strike israel and the US.

3. The US goes broke, or continues to print money out of thin air. Either way its a lose-lose situation. Over the past few decades has spent more money then we can ever hope to repay. Its just a matter of time before the house of cards comes tumbling down

4. The drought that wiped out billions of dollars in crops comes back in 2012, which drives up prices. The US government will increase subsidies to farmers, which will continue to drive up the national debt. I have no issues with helping the farmers out, but instead of giving billions to foreign nations, why not keep that money here? Instead of giving the banks millions of dollars to bail them out from bad investments, lets give that money to the people. Or better yet, let the banks go belly up.

5. The absolute worst thing that can happen is for obama to get relected. obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, which allows the government to detain US citizens without a trial.

What can you really say about a congress and president that wants to declare the US a battleground? From that declaration the government can detain citizens without a trial.

You might be saying “the government can not detain you without charging you with a crime”. Well, what happened with the Japanese-Americans during World War II? If it happened once, it can happen again.

Buy your food while its still cheap.

Vote third party, why are the democrats even on the ballot?

Buy your guns and ammunition while you can.

As 2012 progresses, I look for people to become worried. Worried people go into panic buying mode. As people start stockpiling food, guns and ammunition, I look for prices to go up.

The coming civil unrest

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For those of you that have not been paying attention and voting for the same two parties over and over, I blame you for what you are about to read. The two party system will be the downfall of the US, and I directly blame the voters.

My personal opinion, its just a matter of time before protest become violent.

I think there will be 2 driving factors, maybe 3 factors – Cost of living, Unemployment rates and maybe Inflation.

Cost of living – with free trade the US is having to compete against countries that allow their citizens to be exploited by large international companies. Why have a part built in the US, have to pay a liveable wage, pay taxes, pay benefits such as health insurance, sick days and vacation, when the company can move to communist china and get workers at almost slave labor wages. The higher the unemployment rate, the lower the wages, that is just the way things work.

As wages continue to stagnate, the cost of everything else continues to go up. Some refried beans my wife and I buy to make homemade burritos with went up 8 cents a couple of weeks ago. 8 cents might not seem like a lot, but when the can cost $1, that is an 8% increase. The average rate of inflation is around 3%. That means 8% is almost 3 times the rate of inflation.

The cost of basic items, such as food is going up at a steady rate. Ground meat – ground round is $2.25 a pound, ground lean is around $4 a pound. My wife fixed some homemade tacos a few days ago, and it cost us almost $10.


Food shortages high prices and riots

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DS-Arms SA58 FN/FAL next to a river in southeast TexasRemember hearing something about a drought across parts of the US this year? If you buy anything with peanuts, you’re about to see the effects of a low harvest caused by the drought. Get ready for some high food prices, they are on their way.

Normally I do not subscribe to the doom-and-gloom predictions, but I am seeing it first hand.


Farmers here in Texas are losing crops, and having to sell their cattle because grass is not growing. Texas and Louisiana agreed to allow wide loads of hay to be transported between the 2 states.  Here in Jasper County Texas, I see trailers loaded down with rolls of hay going through the city on a regular basis. Importing hay from Louisiana is one of the few options cattlemen have right now.

Because of farmers selling off their cattle herds, the price of beef might be artificially low right now.  If the sale of cattle starts to slow down, we might see the price of beef jump.

Young and old trees are turning brown and dying. Back in February of 2011 my kids and I planted some oak trees at the Bug Out Location. Due to the lack of rain fall, and not being able to make regular trips to the camp to water the trees, the leaves have turned brown and the baby trees might die.


Calm before the panic buying

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Calm before the SHTF panic stormThere is enough fear mongering these days without my help.  With that in mind, please remember that this article is just my personal opinion and it not meant to interpreted as fact.

I feel that we are in a calm before the storm. Not necessarily a SHTF storm, but a panic buying storm.

From August 2011 until the first part of 2012:

August and September:  Kids are starting back to school in the next few days, parents are having to buy back to school supplies, clothes, meet the teachers and get their kids shots caught up. Right “now” parents have a lot to think about and worry about besides prepping.

Labor day: is right around the corner.

October:  Halloween in October.

October and November: Hunting season starts.

November – thanksgiving.

December – Christmas and then New Years.

People have stuff to keep their minds occupied until the first part of 2012. After the turn of the year, I look for people attention to turn towards world events and the direction this nation is going.

After new years I think is when the panic buying mode is going to kick in – and especially after people start getting their income taxes back.

2012 – As 2012 progresses and the election season turns hostile, there is going to be a lot of propaganda on TV and the internet about the various people running for office. I look for this propaganda to have a side effect on the voters, and that is spreading fear through the general public.

I look for the debt talks to resume again, and I look for tension between the USA and the rest of the world (especially China) to increase.

Around April and May 2012 – is when I look for the panic buying to pick up, especially with the poor and low middle classes.  This is when people will start getting their income tax returns.  Instead of buying TVs, and other toys, people might turn to buying firearms, ammo and food.

Over the next few months (August – December 2011) people are going to be forking out money on school supplies, clothes, labor day, holidays, Christmas, new years,,,,,,,.   This is why I look for the “real” panic buying to kick in after people start getting their income taxes back in early – mid 2012.  Having to buy school supplies and getting ready for the holidays does not leave a lot of money for prepping.

My personal plan, and I am not suggesting that people do this, but buy whatever long term food supplies you can afford. If you have been thinking about buying #10 cans of freeze dried foods, please do so.

One of the issues with buying SHTF survival gear, it leaves less money for other stuff. Do not overspend on preps. Whenever possible, put money into a rainy day fund. If the federal government shuts the banks down, you want enough cash on hand for food and fuel.

When people start getting their income tax returns back, and have some extra money, that is when people might start buying in bulk.

Over the past few months I have been stockpiling fishing supplies like crazy. Everytime my wife and I went to the local sporting goods store I would grab some hooks, trotline string, artificial worms, extra monofilament line, new fishing pole and reel,,,,,.

On top of the fishing supplies I have been stocking up on food in mylar bags, canned goods and #10 cans.

Do I expect some kind of civil unrest, no,, or rather I hope not. With the extreme drought in Texas, crops are dying in the fields, and people are having to sell off their livestock, what kind of impact on food prices can we expect due to the failed crops, I do not know.

I want to be as honest as possible, and say right up front, I do not know what the future holds. I suspect food prices will go up, but only time will tell.

Over the next few months my preps will focus on food – and that means everything from mylar bags, to canned goods, to #10 cans of freeze dried foods.

In Short:
Save as money as possible
Buy as much food as your family can afford
Get caught up on your bills
Do not have any outstanding credit card bills
Do not have any high interest loans
Secure your possessions and your property
Communicate with your family about your plans

Post your comments in this forum thread about the calm before the storm.

Worried about a food crisis in 2011

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snap beans potatoes survival gardenAre you Worried about a food crisis in 2011? I am.

Price of gas has gone up almost 50 cents in the last 2 weeks, and is currently sitting in the $3.47 a gallon range. A couple of years ago when gas touched $3 a gallon, fertilizer for growing food went to $22 – $23 for a 50 pound bag.

The higher cost for fertilizer and fuel pushed food prices up. As the price of fuel came down, the price of food came down.

But now, instead of the price of fuel slowly creeping up, its skyrocketed through the roof. Overnight prices go up 5 – 7 cents. The cost of fuel will sooner or later be passed down to the consumer.

Now that people are talking about shortages of Mountain House #10 cans, panic buying might kick in, and we might be looking at even more food shortages.

A couple of days ago a buddy of mine and I were talking about the current shortages in freeze dried and dehydrated foods.   My buddy has the opinion that the current shortages are caused from last years food crops being depleted.  That once the crops from 2011 are harvested, that the shortages will fade away.

Lets say for a minute that my buddy is right.  Last years crops are depleted, we have nothing in reserves, and once this years crops are harvested everything will be ok.  If this theory is correct, we are just 1 season from starvation.

My personal theory on the food shortages, panic buying has kicked, and as a result of the panic buying, our stockpiles have been depleted.  All of this civil unrest in Egypt and Libya, the high gas prices, high unemployment rates, jobs still being shipped to China, people still losing their homes,,,,,, people are worried and their stockpiling more survival food preps.

But either way – whether the food shortages are caused from natural market conditions or panic buying, one thing is certain, the future does not look very bright.

Lets just say that I’am worried enough that my family and I will be planting our largest garden we have planted in years.  In previous years we planted maybe 1/4 acre plot of land with some potatoes, snap beans, squash and a few other things.  This year we are probably going to plant around 3 – 5 acres of crops.  The potatoes will be planted pretty heavy, as will the peas, beans, corn and a few other crops.

I’m hoping on putting up some corn this year, along with some peas and snap beans.

Potatoes, I’m hoping on planting enough potatoes that my family and I will not have to buy and for a long time.

The one big issue that I see, if this year is as dry as last year, we might be facing a lot of crop failures.  Lake Sam Rayburn is probably 8 feet low – we need some serious rain to bring the area back up to normal levels.

Lets also hope that some of the worlds major food producers do not have any problems this year, like droughts, or floods.

How about a video from 2010 of harvesting some potatoes.

Post your comments in this forum thread about a 2011 food crisis.

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