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Starting a new phase in life

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I feel like I am starting a new phase in life. Here I am at 46 years old (almost 47), finished paying my child support almost a year ago and starting a new career. Is this how life is supposed to work?

When I finished high school in 1986 my fiance’s grandfather helped me get a job at a welding shop in southeast Texas.  The pay was pretty bad, but at least I was learning something.  From 1986 – 1999 I bounced around various welding shops hoping the pay and benefits would get better, but they never did.

1995 I went to Lamar College in Port Arthur for a degree in computer information systems.  Working a full time job, being a parent, being a husband and going to college takes dedication.

1999 – 2000 my life fell apart.  I lost my job due to the company making poor decisions.  It sure is funny how the CEO make make terrible decisions and everyone else has to pay the price.  Then in 2000 my wife of 14 years filed for divorce.  In all honesty I was tired of her screaming, fit-throwing and refusing to control her spending.  In the long run divorcing her was probably the best thing that happened to me.  But it would take years to make progress in my life.


Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office

Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office
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Judge Lisa Millard sentenced Clifford Hall 6 months in in jail for a crime he did not commit.

It seems that his child support payments were modified without his knowledge, which violates the due process clause of the U.S. constitution. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that the government can not take a persons property or liberty without a chance to present their own evidence in a court of law.

Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office and prohibited from every holding a public office, or any office that has authority over the people. Judge Lisa Millard along with the Harris county child support office is a perfect example of how dads are being driven into child support induced poverty.

Now that Clifford Hall is in jail how is he supposed to pay his child support?  Rather that being current on his child support, he is going to leave jail 6 months in the rear and with no job.  How is that justice?

Child support is not about taking care of the child. The current system is designed to do one thing, that is to punish the non-custodial parent, which is usually the father. Judge Lisa Millard and her decision to throw Clifford Hall in jail for 6 month is a perfect example of a system that is out of control.

The child support system in Texas needs to be reformed.  The first step to reigning in an out of control system is to remove judges like Lisa Millard from office.  Once removed from office make her an example by prohibiting her from practicing law in Texas, and prohibit her from holding any public office.  Her sentence of Clifford Hall is nothing more than abuse of power.

How is being current on your child support a crime?  It is not.

Chances are the only reason why Clifford Hall is in jail is because he is black.  I hate to say that, but it is my honest opinion.  It is strange how a white woman throws a black man in jail for paying his child support.

Child Support Social Inequality

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Here we have another example of child support social inequality – the father is ordered not to have anymore kids, but the mothers are not ordered to do anything.

Society points the finger at the father and says – “do not have more kids then you can support.”  What does the mother get?  Does she ridiculed for having sex with a man that does not want to support the children they made?  Is the mother ordered to get a job and provide health insurance?

Kevin Felts working on his bar-b-q pit

working on his bar-b-q pit

The last time I went to a child support review, I saw several dads being put on probation, one father was arrested and handcuffed right there in the court room.  Some dads were sentenced to 2 years in jail, but the sentence was deferred as long s they were making payments.  If they missed a payment he would be arrested and put in jail.

During the time I was sitting in the court room watching these fathers being sentenced, not a single mother was charged with not paying child support.  There were several mothers who did not show up for their hearing a bench warrant was issued for their arrest, not a single deadbeat mom appeared before the judge.

I thought it rather odd that the majority of the people being held responsible for supporting the children were the dads, but the freeloading moms got a free ride.  Not a single mom was asked if she had a job or providing health insurance for the child.  The financial burden was placed solely on the father.

How are we supposed to be a fair and just society, when parents are not held to the same level of responsibility?  Why do the majority of the moms get a free ride on the system, but the dads are prosecuted as criminals?

The child support system does one thing, and one thing only, it turns a parent into a criminal. Sending a parent to jail over child support is nothing more then debtors prison.

If the government was truly concerned about the welfare of the child, shouldn’t both parents be held to the same level of responsibility? For every dad that is ordered to pay child support, shouldn’t there also be a mother who is ordered to support her child?

There are not an equal number of women and men being ordered to support the children, as the system is tilted in the favor of women.

Why Do Fathers Disappear From Households

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Washington Times has an interesting article about the relationships of fathers and their children – Fathers disappear from households across America.  Even though the article is well-written, it is full of fluff.  Nowhere did I see the author addressing the root causes of the problem.

Lets narrow the topic down to two points – personal responsibility and criminalization of non-custodial parents.

Personal Responsibility

As an example I am going to use a friend of the family who got knocked up by a guy who already had 4 kids by 4 different women. Lets place the blame where it belongs, on the mothers and the father.

With so many birth control options on the market, why aren’t women protecting themselves from getting knocked up?

Why isn’t the father being more responsible with his seed?

Who is to blame? Both the mother and the father.

Society does not want to point the finger at the mother and ask “why didn’t you protect yourself?”  If the mother willingly spread her legs, or bent over, then she must share half the blame.  Not only should the mother share the blame, but she should also share in the responsibility of raising the child.  That means getting a job and providing health insurance for the child.

Why should society have to pay for irresponsible people?  Instead of telling the mother she has to get a job and support the child (or children), the family is given welfare.

Shouldn’t both parents share the burden of providing for the children?  How is it fair that one parent is forced to pay child support while the other parent can sign up on welfare?

Single mom walks into welfare office, tells the people something like, “I got three kids by three different men, I aint got no job, so give me some food stamps.”  If society held the mother to the same level of responsibility as the father, the mother would either have to get a job and support her children, or go to jail.  But yet we wonder why so many dads walk away?

Personal responsibility should include both parents, and not just one or the other.

Criminalization Of Non-Custodial Parents

I get so sick and tired of having to prove that I have the same rights as my ex-wife. Take my kids to enroll them on school, I have to bring a copy of the divorce decree. I wonder if women have to do the same thing? If a woman enrolls a child in school, do they have to prove they have a legal right to enroll the child?

Non-Custodial Parents are required to pay child support and provide health insurance for the child. But the custodial parent can sit on their ass and not have to do anything.

The last time I went for a review of my child support, there were several fathers that were told they either had to pay money that day, or they would go to jail. The fathers were told they owed $5k, $7k, $20k,,, even $100k on child support.

I did not see a single mother that was told she had to pay or would go to jail.

How is that a fair justice system?

Why aren’t custodial parents held at the same level of responsibility as non-custodial parents?

It is the criminalization of being a non-custodial parent that helps to fathers away.  Divorce is emotionally and financially devastating, so why treat fathers like criminals?

Lets see, either walk away, or be treated like a criminal.

Lazy moms cost the economy 100 billion dollars

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You want to know what is really nice about our society?  We get to demonize certain groups, and then victimize other groups.

An example of this is an article posted on CNN – unpaid child support cost tax payers $53 billion.

The article talks about how dead beat dads do not pay child support, and if the child has to go on public assistance, this cost the tax payers billions of dollars every year.

If society wanted a fair and balanced system, make sure both sides share an equal burden.  In the case of child support, an unfair portion of the burden has been placed on the dad.

To be fair to both sides of the issue, lets spin that article around.  The article states “41% of households headed by single women are below the poverty level.”

In other words, 41% of households where the woman is too lazy to go to college or learn a trade or skill, those families are below the poverty level.

Instead of saying its the dead beat dads fault that the mom and children are living in poverty, lets lay the blame where it belongs, on the mom. How many of those moms living in poverty have anything besides a high school diploma? How many have a science degree such as engineering or computer sciences?  How many of them sit on their butt and expect other people to provide for them?

See how easy it is to point the finger and place blame?

If the dead beat dad is expected to have a job and support his children, then the dead beat mom should also be expected to have a job.  Need more money to take care of your children?  Get your ass up, get an education or job skills and get a job.


Stress is almost overwhelming

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Its a little job stress, a lot of it is related to the nations current economic turn-down.

I supply health insurance to my kids. If something were to happen to my job, not only would my wife and I be without health insurance, but my kids would also not be covered.

Since my youngest child is under 18 years old, I am court ordered to pay child support and provide health insurance.  If I could not make my child support payments, the Texas attorney general would want me thrown in jail.

I feel that I am in some kind of work release program.  As long as I can hold a job and make child support payments, I am free to go and do as I please.  When I can not make payments, then its off to jail with you.

Just for the record, I have never been in jail for child support.  But there was a time when I did not have a job for a month or so.  When I got behind on my payments, the Texas attorney general fined a motion asking a judge to imprison me.

What kind of justice is that?  Get without a job, have no income, and the assholes at the Texas attorney general want to throw me in jail.  Is that fair to me or my children?

The good news, my last child is 16 years old.  Only around 18 more months and I will be free of the child support chains.  When my daughter turns 18 I will finally be a free man.  But until then, I am nothing more then a slave to the state.

If the job prospects looked better, then I would not worry as much.  But when jobs are difficult to come by, it just adds to the stress.

Why should we bring children into the world

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I thought about putting this in off topic, but since the discussion will revolve around the current political situation, I decided to put it here.

If we go back 100, 200, 500, 1000 years we had rampant disease, periodic starvation, wars,,, and people still reproduced.

Today, we live in an oppressive society that is overly regulated.

The US is deep in debt, and has no solution in sight.

Seems every nation and their brother and sister has nuclear weapons.

Cost of living has outpaces wages.

With all of this and more, why would anyone want to bring a child into the world?

Even basic stuff, such as home ownership is a fading dream for most people.

College education cost a fortune.

There was once a time when a person could finish high school, then go to work in a shipyard, steel mill, car factory,, and earn a good living. But those days are far behind us.

Why would I want to bring a child into the world, only to watch that child struggle with college, struggle to buy a home, struggle to find a job,,,.

As humanity progresses, shouldn’t things get easier? Shouldn’t getting an education get cheaper and easier? Shouldn’t owning a home get cheaper and easier? Its as if humanity reached a pinnacle in the 1970s, and it was downhill from there.

Wages have stagnated since the 1990s, while cost of living has skyrocketed, especially the cost of home ownership.

One sad fact, the poor are outbreeding the middle class and the rich.

For the middle class and the rich its an economic advantage to only have one, maybe two children. The cost of daycare, clothing, school supplies,,, plays a factor in planning how many children the couple will have.

For the poor, its an economic advantage to has as many kids as possible. The more children the family has, the more benefits they draw. Once the family reaches a certain child:income ratio, the government will give the family grants for the parents to go to school.

If you want your college paid for, have a couple of kids and apply for grants.

One reason we have children is because we want to leave part of ourselves behind. Through our children, and our childrens children, part of us will live forever. But is carrying on our family worth the misery our children will have to go through?

Another reason we have kids is because the husband and wife love each other, and the children are a symbol of that bond. Do you think 3 or 4 generations later anyone is going to give a crap about how much you loved your spouse?

Another reason to have children is partially based on religion. God told Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply. With 6 billion people on the earth, maybe we have multiplied enough?

Governments of the world are corrupt, we produce enough pollution that humans are changing the global climate, and we keep reproducing. Why?

Child Support Induced Poverty

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I was wanting to read some child support horror stories, so I did a search for “child support induced poverty”. The funny thing is, no exact results came back.

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Are non-custodial parents embarrassed to talk about how the child support laws are like a meat grinder? Or how the custodial parent gets a free lawyer in child support court, but the non-custodial parent gets raped in the ass? Or how the state meat grinder attorney general looking for child support drives families into poverty?

Are people embarrassed to talk about these things? If so, maybe its time for a change.

Child support induced poverty is when the non-custodial parent is pushed into poverty through child support payments, and other ordered payments, such as mandated health care and orders to pay 1/2 of the health care bills.

What does the custodial parent have to do? Nothing but sit on their ass and collect payments. The custodial parent is in no way responsible for providing for the child. They are not required to provide health care coverage, not required to get a job,,, they are required to do “nothing”.

The thing with child support laws, the laws are supposed to make parents responsible for the children. When the non-custodial parent is not required to do anything, where is the responsibility in that?

What I am about to tell you is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Guy meets girl,
Guy thinks girl is cool so they start dating,
After dating for almost 2 years, guy and girl get married,
Guy and girl have a few kids,
Girl turns into crazy bitch that runs the family into financial ruin,
Crazy bitch will not stop spending money,
Crazy bitch will not listen to husband when he ask her to stop spending money,
Guy finally has enough and leaves crazy bitch.


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