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survivalistFacebook has this feature where the site will suggest people that you may know, and you will have the option to add the suggested people to your friends list.

While I was scrolling through the list of suggested friends, I came across a name I wish to have never seen or heard spoken again for the rest of my natural life. While we were in school (junior high and high school) the guy and some other people like him were complete assholes. One person in particular taller then most of the other kids, so I guess he thought his height gave him permission to be mean to the other kids. His height just meant that he was a tall asshole instead of an average height or short asshole.

I don’t know if the guy was abused, maybe raped as a child, saw his dad push his mom around, saw his mom push his dad around,,,,,,, who knows. But one thing was for sure, he seemed to have a lot of built up anger. That anger manifested itself in the form of harassment towards other kids.

One of the reasons why I was picked on at school was because of the music I listed to, which happened to be metal. While most of my high school class was listening to 80 pop rock garbage and loving it, I was listening to metal and loving it. To the other kids, since I listened to metal, then I “must” be dong drugs, because you can not listen to metal without doing drugs – or at least that was their mindset anyway.

When other kids do not understand someone, they usually pick on the strange kid. And that is what happened to me. I listened to metal, which meant I was “magically” a drug head (which I was not), so the other kids made it a point to torment me about my alleged drug use and my taste of heavy metal.

Bullies and haters

angelina river jasper texasOver the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about bullies and teens being driven to suicide because of it. While reading some of the stories and personal accounts, I think back to my own junior high and high school experience. I dont think that I was really “bullied” per say, it was more or less the typical teenager “you must conform” type of stuff.

Clothes – The day I wore a black shirt with light pink 3/4 length sleeves. The pink was just a light pink, almost a dark pink. Some of the other kids started calling me gay because I was a guy who wore pink. I never wore that short again.

While I was in junior high, my mom and I were shopping for some school clothes. I saw this really cool shirt with a superman logo on it. Since I liked to read superman comics, I got mom to buy the shirt for me. After the other kids ridiculed me for wearing a superman logo, I never wore the shirt again.

Music – Because I liked real Rock and Roll music instead of the pop-rock stuff, other kids in school said I smoked dope. Their mindset was, if you listened to Ozzy, Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, you “have” to smoke dope. My music taste are something that I refuse to be moved on. Even to this day I would rather listen to some good Ozzy, Black Sabbath or Rammstein then some pop-rock wanna be a singer carp. I would rather define my own music taste then have the record companies tell me what I’am “supposed” to listen to. And I do not do any kind of illegal drugs. It was the mentality of the kids in school that bothered me the most. It was like very few of them could think outside the box. Just because a song is on the radio, does not magically make it a good song. The record companies are pushing those songs because they think money can be made – not because its a good song. There is a difference between a work of art and making money.

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