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Easter Weekend Plans

Good Friday is here, finally. This means that we get a three day weekend – well, most of us anyway. My wife and I are both off for Good Friday, by my step-daughter has to work.

Last weekend my 2 youngest kids and I were talking them coming back to my house for Easter, but it looks like that is not going to happen. My daughter has plans, and my son wants to go visit his brother, my other son.

So what is on the schedule for Good Friday? Not much of anything.

My package of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers are supposed to be here today. The UPS tracking page says the package is out for delivery. Hopefully I will be able to start on some homemade superpails this evening.

My wife is going to wal-mart to pick up some stuff. I asked her to pick up a motor flusher for my boat. The motor has not been cranked in a few weeks and it needs to be ran. Some people might use a trash can, but I do not want to deal with the can, so a set of flushers it is.

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