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Blacksmith Essentials

Blacksmith EssentialsPlease Rate This Article A buddy of mine has been talking about getting into blacksmithing. This got me to thinking, why not get into it myself? I have a poor mans anvil that has been laying around the farm. Awhile back a large hickory tree and large pin oak fell on the back of […]

Modified railroad track anvil

Modified railroad track anvilPlease Rate This Article Over the past month of or I have taken an interest in blacksmithing. One of my buddies has been talking about making knives and such. this got me to thinking about learning the basics of blacksmithing. Rather than spend a lot of money on an anvil I have […]

Homemade anvil with stand

Homemade anvil with standPlease Rate This Article Very nice video about a guy who finds a piece of steel at a local scrap yard.  The piece looks to be around 3 inches thick and the guy says it is 27 1/2 inches long. What makes the video so interesting is how he builds a wood […]

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