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Cyprus Deal Pushes EU Closer To Revolution

Nation overspends, needs a bailout, part of the bailout is that the government seizes a percentage of savings accounts over 100,000 euro.

Government of Cyprus has turned into nothing more then common criminals. If Cyprus can do this, what is stopping Spain, Ireland or even the united States from seizing bank accounts?

For several decades rich Russians have used Cyprus as a form of tax haven, much like what U.S. companies are doing to other nations. If Cyprus can seize money from bank accounts, what is stopping The Caribbean Islands from seizing money from google, facebook,,,, and other companies who offshore for tax havens?

How much more will the people tolerate before they revolt?

The middle class will be being driven into poverty one way or another. If the banks can not bankrupt the nation, the government will just take what they want.

Our Shared Financial Future

There is an old saying, “no man is an island.”  What affects my neighbor also affects me. If we take a look around the United States and Europe, we see one thing in common, the banks driving the nations into bankruptcy.

Whether its the United States, Cyprus, Spain,,, banks have made so many bad loans they have to be bailed out, and at the expense of the tax payer.

In the long run this spells out two things – the banks end up with property is made bad loans on and later repossessed, and then the tax payer is in debt to the banks for their bad loans.

Cyprus – We should all be concerned about bank bailouts, and we should especially be concerned about what is happening in Cyprus. Instead of taxing the organizations who can afford it, the government is going to take 10% from all savings accounts across the nation.

Saving to buy a home?  Saving to put your kids through college?  Well, 10% of your money just disappeared.

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Random Thoughts February 27 2013

We have a lot to talk about. Rather then break these topics down into individual post, lets jut make another random thoughts post.

Colorado has gone off the deep end with gun control. This time they want to make make sellers of semiautomatic rifles responsible for the actions of the end users.  It’s laughable what the gun hating liberals are trying to push through.  Making gun sellers responsible, is like making Ford, Toyota or GM responsible for drunk drivers.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Feinstein’s ‘assault weapon’ ban goes to committee.  When is the government going to address the real cause of gun violence?  Our nation is being overran with debt, banks are getting a steady handout of $85 billion a month from the federal reserve, Iran is working its way to becoming a nuclear power,,, and Dianne Feinstein is worried about gun control?  Holy crap, really?

A buddy of mine passed away, his memorial service is going to be March 2.

AR-15 prices are slowing coming down.  Instead of a colt 6920 costing $3,000, prices are down to around $2,000.  Other brand name ARs are floating around double their price before Sandy Hook.

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Inside Job Movie Review

Want to know why our ancestor hated banks, just watch the movie “Inside Job.”

The documentary was well done, except where Glenn Hubbard got pissed off. If he would have talked to me like he did the interviewer, I would have bitch slapped him.

Inside Job starts off with Iceland, a nation that was financially sound. that is until regulations on the banks are reduced and government oversight is laxed.

The Inside job talks to various people about what helped create the crash of 2008.

Long story short, the working class people are screwed and the banks are going to keep getting richer.

There is a saying I saw awhile back that stuck in my head – “privatized profits and socialized losses.” Meaning, when times are good, the banks keep their profits. When times are bad, the tax payers have to foot the bill.

When the federal reserve is there to hand the banks whatever money they want, who worries about losing money?

So, everyone that voted for obama, how is that change working out for you.

Inside Job should be required watching for everyone who votes for the two major parties.

What really amazed me was the lack of remorse in ripping off millions of investors, and ripping off people with predatory lending.  Its as if the people working on wall street are sociopaths.  If everyone acted like bankers, the world would be in some serious trouble.

Now that the banks have control of our government, things are just going to get worse.

If Inside Job is an indication of things to come, we are in some serious crap.

Our Love Affair With Banks

Have you ever considered how in love with banks Americans are? What is one of the first things we instruct young adults to do? That is advice is usually open an account with a bank.

There is an interesting article on Time.com about people who do not have bank accounts.

My wife and I have a savings account, and that is about it.  We do not have any credit cards, nor do we have a checking account?

Why don’t we have those items?  Because we are not in love with debt or the banks.

Think about “why” we have checking accounts.  So the banks can screw us on overdraft fees?  So we have to keep our check book balanced?  So someone can steal the routing number and drain the account?  So the government can seize the money from the account?

While my ex-wife and I were going through a divorce, the Texas dumbass attorney general messed up on their paper work.  Because of their screw up it looked like I owed several thousand dollars in back child support.  With no due process, no court order, no court hearing, no nothing but a letter, my employer was ordered to hold more money out of my paycheck.

The Texas dumbass attorney generals office could have easily cleaned out my bank account, if I would have had one that is.  Where would that have left me?  With several overdraft fees, an empty bank account, and bills that needed to be paid.  All because of some dumbass’s screw up.

I faxed over a copy of the current court orders, and my child support payments were returned to normal.  What happened to the extra money that was taken from my paycheck?  The people at the dumbass Texas attorney generals office refused to refund any of the money.  So that money was gone, never to be seen again.  What about my bills?  Too bad for me.

Why do some people not have bank accounts, to protect their money from the government.

Keep in mind a bank will have to follow any court order signed by a judge.  If the government walks into a bank with an order saying to seize your account, all of your money is frozen.

How would you pay your bills when the government has your money frozen, or takes money from your account?

Need a loan?  Go to a bank.

Instead of going to a bank for a loan, why not just save the money and buy the item interest free?

Need a way to pay bills, get a checking account.

Don’t feel like carrying cash, get a credit card.

It seems as if American society is obsessed with banks and obtaining lines of credit.

Why are we as a people so obsessed with financial institutions and credit?

What happened to the United States

What happened to the United States? Instead of being the land of the free, with liberty and justice for all, we are the land of cash cows with liberty and freedom for the rich. If you dare speak an opposing opinion, you are branded and outcast. If you speak out against the U.S. government, and travel to another country, the president sends a drone to kill you and whoever is with you.

Banks and wall street immune the law

One thing that really irritates me is hoe big banks and wall street can run over the people, and nothing is ever done.

Leading up to the 2008 housing crash, banks made loans to people who were not qualified to receive loans. The loans were then sold to investors. Wouldn’t that be considered fraud if anyone besides a bank did it?

Bank gets in trouble, the government rushes to shore it up.

People get in trouble, that is just too bad.

Since when did the government start bowing down to special interest groups, such as the banks and wall street?

Chick-fil-A and the right to speak out

This Chick-fil-A issue and gay rights is getting really out of hand. If someone says they support gay rights, then someone else should have the right to say they do not support gay rights.

If some faggot wants to get his poo packed every night, I could not care less. I am kinda neutral on the issue. As long as the sex is between consenting adults, I do not care what happens in a bedroom. Just because I do not care does not mean I have to support the idea either.

Boycotting a company because they do not support gay rights is like the pot calling the kettle black. There are going to be issues all through life we agree with, neutral on, or disagree with.  So what if a company does not support gays rights?  So what?  It is their right to voice their opinion.

While I am not agree with Chick-fil-As stance, I do however disagree with the flack Chick-fil-A has been treated.  Why cant people speak up and voice their opinion?  So what if Chick-fil-As opinion differs from people who support gay rights?  Whats next, try to bully Chick-fil-A into changing their opinion?

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