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The last day of deer season is tomorrow

Remington 700 BDL

The last day of deer season is tomorrow, and how I dread thee. Like the passing of dusk and dawn, from one day to the next, from spring to summer, from fall to winter, so deer season must also pass away. The does will venture to spring and have their fawns, and I hope to see next season.

Like all other things in life, so deer season has to come to an end. But regardless of the facts, its still a sad time of year.

This deer season has been a good one – my son got a nice 8 point whitetail that weighed in at 156 pounds and my kids and I made several trips to the lease. There was one evening my daughter and I were getting out of the stand, and the coyotes started howling. I thought it was a beautiful music to my ears, my daughter not so much.

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