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What Was Your First Survival Knife

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Around 1984,I went to GI Surplus in Orange Texas and bought my first survival knife. The store is no longer in business, which is a shame.  They had a good selection of military surplus.

When I got the knife home I was so proud.  It was like a turning point in a young mans life, I had bought my first knife.

The knife I bought was a Valor brand name. At the base of the blade it is stamped “Valor Miami, USA” on one side. On the other side it is stamped “440 Stainless, 599 Japan, camo”.

Overall length: 12 1/4 inches.
Blade length: 7 1/8 inches


Little past middle age

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At 46 years old I consider myself a little past middle age.  That is unless I live to be at least 92 years old.  So who knows, I might not even be at middle age yet.

Even at such a young age I look back and realize how much water has gone under the bridge.  I wonder how I will feel when I am in my 60s or even 70s, that is if I live that long.

I often wonder how my mom and dad feel about how much things have changed in their lifetime?  My dad did not get electricity and running water until he was somewhere around 6 years old.  What is it like going from kerosene lamps and an outhouse to computers and the internet?

The past 19 years, from 1995 – 2014, humanity has made leaps and bounds with technology.  We went from dial-up internet to smart phones in less than a generation.  I look forward to what scientist will develop in the next 20 years.


Political Incorrectness Of The Original Red Dawn

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As I write this article the original Red Dawn is playing on the Ecnore channel.  As the movie plays I would like to write about how times have changed since the 1980s.  Please take this in jest, as the article is not intended to be serious.

Chevy truck has a gun rack in the back window.  This would have probably drawn a response from the FBI for a terrorist activity on school property.  There was once a time when high school kids had guns in their vehicles so they could go hunting after school.  But today, schools are gun free zones.  And we wonder why crazy people are drawn to schools?Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

White man shooting black teacher, racist.

Kids riding in the back of a truck, which is now illegal.

Adult giving guns to a minor.  Obvious example of terrible parenting.

Keeping a handgun in the glove box?

Pissing in a radiator probably voided the warranty.

After the kids reach the wilderness there is a discussion about what their parents would want.  Today, it is not what the parent wants, but what the government wants.


January 28 1986

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It is funny how I remember certain things as if they were yesterday, and then it seems like who years are missing from my memory.

January 28, 1986 is a day I remember quite well.

On January 28, 1986 I skipped school with Bryan, Eric, and my brother. We found out later that day the space shuttle had blown up.

If I remember right, Bryans truck had a flat tire as we were going through burger king for breakfast that morning. We agreed a flat tire was a good reason to skip school.

What did we do with our free time? We ended up shooting pine cones out of trees with 22 rifles for a couple of hours. I bought my Ruger 10/22 the day I turned 18 years old – January 17, 1986. I was itching to take my new rifle out and shoot something, so why not shoot pine cones?

After we got tired of shooting pine cones, we went to Erics house to watch TV. It was at this time we saw the news that the space shuttle had blown up.

Eric was upset because he changed the TV channel and his moms soap opera did not record on the VCR.  Maybe “upset” is not the best word to describe the situation.  Eric was on the edge of being in tears.  He was worried his mother was going to beat him when she found out he skipped school.

The 1980s seem so long ago

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Why do the 1980s seem so long ago?  But then again, it seems like only a few weeks ago I was finishing high school and entering the workforce.

In all honesty I miss the 1980s.  I do not miss how Reganomics destroyed the ship building industry in southeast Texas, particularly in Beaumont and Orange Texas.

I miss the music,
I miss skinny women,
I miss talking to people face-to-face,
I miss how people had real interaction with each other, interaction that has been replaced by the internet,
I miss cheap gas,
I miss the friendships I had in school,
Did I mention the music?

The 80s had some great music, great clothes, we knew had to have fun without drugs.

Have I mentioned the music,

Then came President Bush I, and that clinton guy and his wife.

The only things that made the 1990s good were the video games. Everything else pretty much sucked. Two of my children were born in the 1990s, so my kids are something good that came out of the 1990s.

The 2000s were worse the the 1990s, which means the 2000s were a lot worse the the 1980s.

Here we are in the 2010s and things really suck. China has our jobs, we have a sock puppet for a president, and the other guy running for office seems worse then the sock puppet.

Can we hit the reset button and go back to at least the late 1970s?

The nation I remember from the 1980s is nothing like what we see today. Crime, especially corporate crime seems much worse now then it did in the 1980s. Maybe if we let a few banks fail they will stop making bad investments.

In the 1980s we were a proud nation. Today, we are the laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Can we go back to the 80s when the USA was a world leader?

Rain in June

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Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistEvery time we get rain in June I think about a 3 day camping trip some of my buddies and I went on back in June of 1985.  We were a bunch of kids who loaded in a boat, traveled the backwaters of a bayou close to Bridge City Texas, picked out a camping spot, and spent 3 days in the woods.  The only day we did not get rained on was the last day, the day we went home.

There were five of us – Allen, David, Jim, Kevin and Kevin.  Between the 5 of us, we had 2 – 2 man tents.  Which meant that one tents was going to be rather packed.

The three day camping trip is one of those times that you look back and wish you had kept a journal.  Or at the very least brought a camera and taken some pics.  I am not sure what day did we left on or what day did we got back.  I think the trip was in June 1985, but can not prove it.  School was out, and it was summer time, so the trip was sometime in June, July or August.

My gear included – some cans of food, sleeping bag, Montgomery Ward Western Field Model 550AL 12 gauge pump shotgun and some birdshot ammunition.  Sometime around the camping trip I bought one of those hollow handled survival knives.  I do not remember if I bought my survival knife before or after the camping trip.  It has been over 25 years since my buddies and I went on the camping trip.  Fading memories is just one of those things that happens.

Everyone knew we were in for a wet weekend.  I had a small green backpack with a couple of cans of food, and my sleeping bag that was inside a plastic trash bag.  The camping trip was supposed to be a true “roughing it” experience.  We brought as little gear as possible – each person brought some kind of sleeping bag, a few cans of food, shotgun or 22 rifle, change of clothes, knife, flashlight, canteen with water purification tablets and that was about it.


Beware the conspiracy theory trap

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survivalistConspiracy theories are like a disease, once they a foothold, they spread like wildfire. Unlike a virus, people have a choice whether they want to be infected with a conspiracy theory.

In the 1990s conspiracy theories spread like wildfire. But the gubberment supplied plenty of fuel for those fires. We had NAFTA, GATT, Waco an Ruby Ridge to help fan the flames of conspiracy theories.

When bill clinton did a flip flop on NAFTA, a lot of people saw that as a sign that big business had bought the U.S. government. Here we are 18 years after NAFTA was signed, and not much has changed. Big business still owns the U.S. government, the banks still get bailed out and wall street still gets bailed out from time to time.

As long as the 2 major parties stay in control, nothing is ever going to change, so there is no use in worrying about it.

Do not spend time worrying about things you can not change. You can not change the way people vote, so there is no use in hoping for real change.

Has anything in government changed in the past 20+ years? We still have free trade, china still has favored trade status, we still have millions of illegal immigrants, we still anchor babies, drugs are still a problem. What has government done in the past 25 years that was different then in the past 50 years?

In the 1950s, 60s, 70s and early 1980s we were fighting the communist.

In the 1990s, 2000s and now the 2010s we are fighting terrorist.

Since the end of world War II we have been in some kind of stand off with “someone”. Why cant we live in peace with other nations?

In the 1990s it seemed that things reached a head with Waco and the Oklahoma bombing incident.  The gubberment changing its story on Waco and the dead child helped fan the flames of government hate.  When you see tanks ramming a building that is on fire with children inside, its a little difficult not to get angry.

Then there was the Ruby Ridge / Randy Weaver incident.  When a government agent shoots and kills an unarmed woman holding a child, and the shooter is not prosecuted, the conspiracy theories really went wild.

Some of the theories going around said Waco and Ruby ridge were staged to see how the public would react to martial law.

All I know is that innocent people died, and nobody went to prison over it.


I want the 1980s back

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Screw the 2000s and the 2010s, I want the 1980s back.

In the 1980s we had real music,
the women were skinny,
people could afford to buy a home,
and life seemed good.

It seems that ever since George Bush jr took office and the 9/11 attacks, things started going downhill.

Comparing the 1980s to 2012, I have to ask myself, what the hell happened?

Banks are pushing flexible mortgage rates, then jacking the rates up so high that people can not afford to buy a home.

The U.S. has entered into another Vietnam conflict. Here we are 11 years after the attacks on the Twin towers in 2001, and we still have troops in the middle east. On top of this decade long war, we are looking at attacking Iran?

What the hell is going on here? Can’t we just have peace?

There was once a time when people were afraid to attack the U.S. These days, it seems everyone is ready to take a pot shot at us. We need a real president, a president with some balls to get the job done.

I want the 1980s back, when men were men, women were women and terrorist were afraid to come out of their holes.


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survivalistFacebook has this feature where the site will suggest people that you may know, and you will have the option to add the suggested people to your friends list.

While I was scrolling through the list of suggested friends, I came across a name I wish to have never seen or heard spoken again for the rest of my natural life. While we were in school (junior high and high school) the guy and some other people like him were complete assholes.  One person in particular taller then most of the other kids, so I guess he thought his height gave him permission to be mean to the other kids.  His height just meant that he was a tall asshole instead of an average height or short asshole.

I don’t know if the guy was abused, maybe raped as a child, saw his dad push his mom around, saw his mom push his dad around,,,,,,, who knows. But one thing was for sure, he seemed to have a lot of built up anger. That anger manifested itself in the form of harassment towards other kids.

One of the reasons why I was picked on at school was because of the music I listed to, which happened to be metal. While most of my high school class was listening to 80 pop rock garbage and loving it, I was listening to metal and loving it. To the other kids, since I listened to metal, then I “must” be dong drugs, because you can not listen to metal without doing drugs – or at least that was their mindset anyway.

When other kids do not understand someone, they usually pick on the strange kid. And that is what happened to me. I listened to metal, which meant I was “magically” a drug head (which I was not), so the other kids made it a point to torment me about my alleged drug use and my taste of heavy metal.

Part of my teenage years went something like this –  “there is that strange kid that listens to metal, lets torment him until he conforms to what we think he should listen to.”  Well, it did not work.  I still listened to my metal.

Lets fast forward from the early – mid 1980s to current day.  Now that those kids from the 1980s have grown up and had kids of their own.  I just have to wonder, do the kids from the 80s teach their kids tolerance 0r do they teach their kids in-tolerance?  Do they kids from the 1980s teach their kids to get along with others, or do they teach their kids to bully other people?  Are the parents (kids from the 80s) teaching their kids to be 2nd or 3rd generation bullies?

Then were was this brown shirt my mom bought me.  The only problem was the ends of the sleeves had a trim that was slightly pink in color.  Back in the 80s, men nor boys wore pink.  I made the mistake of wearing the shirt to school one day.  Because I wore a shirt that had a shade of pink on it, then I was gay.  Because only women and gays wear pink.

So now, not only was I a metal listening drug user, but I was also gay.  All of those opinions were based on false preconceptions – expect for the metal, I did in fact listen to heavy metal, but I did not use drugs, nor was I gay.

I thought about adding those assholes to my facebook friends list – just to post on their wall that they were an asshole, and that I hope their kids turned out better then they did.  But who knows, maybe their kids turned out worse.

But to add those assholes to my friends list, just to post some minor insult would mean that I stooped to their level.  If anything, the torment that I received has taught me to be more tolerant of others.  If you want to dress a certain way, then please do so; if you want to listen to certain music, then please do so; if you want to vote a certain way; then do not blame me when a puppet gets elected.

The one thing that I wished for, was that those bullies never had kids.  That way their defective genes could not get passed down.

If you graduated from Bridge City class of 1986, then you may have an idea of “who” this article is talking about. Or it may not even be about 1 person, but a group of people. Assholes tend to run in packs.

Here we are in 2011, I am 42 years old, I am still listening to metal and loving it.

Anyway, my name is Kevin Felts and there is a link to my facebook page.  If we went to school together, and you try to add me as a friend on facebook and I turn down your request, its 1 of 2 things – either I do not remember you, or you were an asshole.


The drop in HIV awareness

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deer standOver the past weekend my wife and I were talking about how times have changed since the 1980s. In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, news on HIV/AIDS was everywhere you turned. The news was talking about the latest stars that died from the disease (like Freddy Mercury), scientist were still trying to figure out how the disease was spread and how easily it was spread,,,,,. Fast forward 20 years, and almost nobody is talking about HIV/AIDS – unless your in a high risk group, know someone with HIV, or you grew up in the 1980s.

Add to that Foxnews posted an article about 1 in 5 urban gay and bisexual men have HIV.

Neither my wife or I are bisexual or gay, but the changing of the times does make for an interesting conversation. I guess the public interest in HIV/AIDS is a good example.

My opinion on the HIV/AIDS topic, the people are tired of talking about it, and have just accepted the fact that HIV is here to stay. You can only talk about a subject so much before people start to get bored, and I think that is what has happened with the HIV topic – 25 years of talking is more then enough.


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