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Urban survival tips for men

Just a few tips to help the average male survive in the urban jungle. When the garbage gets full, take it out. This does not mean stomp on the top of the trash, to try to get another beer can in. Since the topic of beer was brought up, lay off a little bit so your beer belly will go down. Help take care of the yard. Take your dirty clothes to the wash room. Rinse your plate off and put it into the dish washer. If your wife mentions having her nails painted, offer to do it for her. Whether if you really want to or not, its the thought that counts. And if you mess up, there is always fingernail polish remover. Buy Continue Reading….

A Lesson From The Black Death

Books on the Black Death

If we want a real world lesson on preparing for a plague, look no further than a history book on the Black Death. The Black Death was a worse case situation. The climate had recently changed and Europe had entered into the Little Ice Age. People were starving, crops were withering in the fields, and then along comes the plague.

One good thing about the plague, which should be a lesson to us all, we have written records that have been passed down through the ages. Why should this be a lesson to us all? Because so much of our daily lives are lost when we pass away. Every few of us take the time to document our daily lives, and then pass that down to our descendants.

A few months ago as I was reading a book on the Black Death. There was an interesting story of a family that was out of food and staving. The family members decided they had a choice to make – either try to get some food from town, or stay at home and starve to death.

The family gathered all of the money that they had, then the father and son headed off on their journey. Continue Reading….

Eversafe Meals

Eversafe meals are kinda like a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), but are a little different. The meals are packaged in a see through package, so the contents are visible. This is unlike a standard military issue MRE, where the package is not see through.


The meals are packed inside of a study cardboard box. The straps that help hold the box closed can also be used as grab handles.

On the top of the box it says – “Two meals, per person per day.”


Unlike a standard MRE, Eversafe meals contain a mix of military and civilian food. Which is evident with the spam package being visible.


Each package contains enough food for a grown adult to eat a meal, and have a snack for later. When I take these meals on a hiking or camping trip, I will usually eat the main entree meal, or the spam, and save the other one for later. So two Eversafe meals would be enough to provide 2 servings and 2 snacks.

One case of Eversafe meals should provide enough food for one person for around a week (5 – 7 days). While looking at the outside of box, no quantity as to how many meals each case contained was listed.

Each package contains:
MRE main entree
MRE snack
MRE heater
Paper napkin
Plastic spoon and fork
Coffee creamer
Salt & pepper
List of contents
Continue Reading….

Food supply chains

During outbreaks of the plague in Europe, there was one major problem that faced the rich and poor alike – and that was the availability of food. The more moving parts a machine has, the more likely it is to break. The supply lines that feed the world are fragile. Before the crops are ever planted, there is fertilizer that has to be made, seeds harvested from the previous year and both of those sent to the farmers. The farmers then spread the fertilizer, plant the seeds, apply water and hope for the best. In some parts of the world, crops are only grown because modern technology allows them to. Examples of this are water pipelines and irrigation systems that span hundreds of miles. It Continue Reading….

Urban Survival Tips

When the term “Urban Survival” is discussed, thoughts of MREs stacked to the ceiling, closets filled with cases of bottled water, tons of dried beans and rice piled up in every corner of the house – those kinds of thoughts come to mind. The fact is, there is more to urban survival then just stockpiling food and water. There are several factors that should be considered, such as food production, water, money, disease and infection control. A small home garden can produce a lot of food. When people get into gardening, they often have so much food they are having to give it away. Home gardens can supply a typical family with a food source if a disaster were to strike. Most urbanites depend on Continue Reading….

Are you ready for the depression?

The depression is just around the corner, are you and your family ready?  The news reporters are trying not to use the word “depression”, probably out of fear of the panic that will follow. IMF predicts a global recession The banking system, along with the US State and Federal governments have been the number one cause of this problem. The banks started writing flexible mortgage rate loans – knowing that people would not be able to pay the notes.  But for some reason the people just played along with the scams.  Untold millions of families have lost their homes and driven into bankruptcy because of the greed of bankers.  The blame can not be placed solely on the bankers – the people HAVE to take Continue Reading….

2009 food prices

An article posted on MSN should be great concern to everyone that eats some kind of food. Nothing but worse for Texas drought According to that article, 97% of Texas is in a drought. Some people might be saying “so what?” Well, there is a lot to be worried about. Texas is the 2nd largest agricultural state in the nation. Everything from beef to zucchini is grown in Texas. That means, if Texas has a bad drought, and crops fail, the price of food goes up nation wide – maybe even on a global scale. With so many people out of work, high food prices is the one thing we do not need right now. The concern should not only on on Texas, but other Continue Reading….

Trained civil obedience

From the time a child starts school they are trained in civil obedience. The teachers tell the children to “sit down and shut up!” – “No Talking!” – “This is the way it is” – “Do not question authority”,,, and the list goes on and on. This is also true with political education. Instead of teaching “real government”, schools teach the children that there is a 2 party political system. That the children must vote for one of the two major parties. When the children are trained from an early age to “obey” – something is wrong. Independent thought is discouraged and frowned upon. Children are taught to “obey” and not question authority. There is several words that describe blind obedience, – brain washing and Continue Reading….

Utilize available resources

Survivalism can be defined as utilizing available resources to achieve a desired goal. Whether this is a lake, pond, garden, hunting, fishing or anything else – the goal is to get through a situation with the least amount of effort. Resources such as lakes and ponds can be a good source of water and food. Its important that a survivalist have knowledge of “where” these resources are at before a disaster strikes.

How to feed a family

These days people are not only worried about this house note, or their electric bill, they are also worried about something much more basic – and that is food. There is hardly anything that grieves a mothers heart more, then to open a kitchen cabinet, and it be empty. An economic report from February 2009 said that around 700,000 – 800,000 people lost their jobs in that one month. Less people have jobs, so less bills get paid. But the one thing that must be bought is food. But what if someone told you that you do not have to buy food? That you can grow your own. Its true. Regardless of what people have been told for the past 30, 40 or 50 years, Continue Reading….

Hand crank flashlights

Three weeks after the power has gone out, and all of the batteries are dead, survivalist will be glad that they invested into some kind of hand crack flashlight – also called a dynamo powered flashlight. Whether its a type of lantern, or flashlight, it does not matter, these things are good to have around.

[caption id="attachment_851" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Hand crack flashlights Hand crank lantern[/caption]

The basic principle of a hand crank lantern is that it does not need batteries. Even though these devices say they do not “require batteries”, they have a couple of AA rechargeable batteries to store the charge. A few cranks of the handle is enough to charge the batteries for for several minutes of light. Continue Reading….

Cover your cough

Watch the people on the street – watch them, and see how many cover their mouth when they cough.  The simple act of putting your hand, tissue or a cloth over your mouth when coughing can help prevent the spread of certain diseases. Examples: Whooping Cough The Flu Tuberculosis During an evacuation, and large groups of people are living in a shelter, communicable diseases can spread quickly. It is important that every person do their part to ensure the health and safety of those around them. One person that is staying in a shelter, and has Tuberculosis, has the potential of infecting dozens and maybe even hundreds of other people. After the shelter is closed and those people return home, they also bring their new Continue Reading….

Stocking up on seeds

snap beans survivalist gardenAs the local stores get their garden seeds in, its time to take an inventory as to what is need, what is not needed and what needs to be replaced. Seed stocks should include the types of food that the family will eat. And, most important, the types of seeds that will grow in a certain geographical area.

The bags that the seeds are stored in should be marked with the type of seed and the date when the seeds were bought. The date is very important so that the seed stocks can be rotated out every 2 – 3 years.

Examples of different types of seeds and plants:

Potatoes – are usually planted from cuttings from a mature potato. When the “eyes” start to sprout on the potato, take a knife, cut a good section of the potato off (along with the eye). Types of potatoes like red skin or Irish are high producers. Continue Reading….

Pertussis whooping cough

Before we begin, The author of this article (Kevin) is NOT a medical professional. This article should NOT be considered as medical advice, because its not. If you want more information about Pertussis, please visit a medical professional or contact your local health department. Pertussis (also known as the whooping cough) is a highly contagious disease caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. The term “whooping cough” comes from the sound that the person makes when they are coughing. Transmission is through breathing in infected cough droplets. Incubation period is around 2 days. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. In areas where the population has received the DTaP vaccine, rates of infection are around 1 in 100,000. The coughing spells may be so bad that Continue Reading….

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