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Propane tanks for the survivalist retreat

Propane tanks can provide the remote survivalist camp with fuel for stoves, ovens, hot water heaters and even generators. When considering whether to store propane or gasoline, keep in mind that propane can be stored for years. Two of the main reasons why I like propane – it stores well, and it has a multiple of uses. I can buy the 2 pack of 1 pound propane bottles, store them at the camp, and the fuel never expires. Then there are the wide range of attachments for the bottles – lanterns, stoves and space heaters,,,, only to name a few. When the weather gets cold, my brother takes a small space heater to his deer stand. Go back a year later and the stove still Continue Reading….

Portable water storage example

Sometimes local feed and fertilizer stores will get 16 gallon drums in stock – these can make excellent water storage solutions. Most of the time they were used to ship some kind of syrup, and the inside smells like Dr. Pepper. These may not be good for storing drinkable water, but will probably make a good hand washing station.

Fruit tree considerations for the urban survivalist

One part of the survivalist preps that is often over looked is the fruit tree. Instead of having to plant a garden every year, just plant a few fruit trees. Take care of the trees, give them some fertilizer, keep the bugs off of them, keep them trimmed and you might just have a food producing machine in your backyard.

Most people have a corner in the backyard where a fruit tree could be planted. If there is not enough room for a full sized tree, look into some miniature fruit trees. Some of miniature types only grow to be 6 – 10 feet tall.

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Common survival forum acronyms

New to the survival scene? Confused by some of the terms that are thrown around on certain survival forums?  This list has been put together to help you out. ABC – Airway Breathing Circulation (order of check when dealing with a first aid situation). AK-47 – is a gas operated 7.62mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. AMFYOYO – Adios Mother f**ker, you’re on your own. AO = Area of Operations AR-15 – Is the civilian version of the military M-16 and M-4 rifle. AR-7 – .22 cal rifle that comes apart and can fit into its floatable stock. ASAP – As Soon As Possible BATFE – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. A government agency known for Continue Reading….

Becoming complacent with disaster preparedness

As Hurricane Rita was making its way through the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, the projected path was towards the Houston and Galveston, Texas area. An evacuation was called for parts of Harris and Galveston counties. Which is where the cities of Houston and Galveston are located.

The way evacuations are “supposed” to work, the areas that are nearest the Gulf of Mexico are evacuated first. Which is Galveston, and lower Harris county. That is how its supposed to work in theory. In reality, how does one of the largest cities in the USA evacuate? They dont. There were stories of people spending 18+ hours on the highway and not even going 10 miles.

There are 2 major highways going north out of Houston – HWY 59 and HWY 45. Going east and west, there is Interstate 10, 1960, old HWY 90 and 105. HWY 105 is north of the Houston area. It goes from Beaumont, through Cleveland, Conroe and finally hits HWY 6.

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Part 2 of the Maxpedition Versipack Review

This is part 2 of a review on the Maxpedition Versipack. The first part of the review can be found at this link – Maxpedition Proteus Versipack Review Part 1.

As mentioned in part 1 of the review, this buttpack was picked because of its lightweight and heavy duty construction. The Versipack will be used to fill a specialty role. Which is going to be for 3 – 8 mile day hikes. But before the pack is taken on an all day hiking trip, it has to be put through a few test. In this review, the pack is taken on a short walk through the woods to see how well it carries.

In the first video a 2 quart military canteen was attached to the back of the pack. Well, that did not work out too well. The canteen pulled the pack downwards and back until it almost touched my legs. So the 2 quart was taken off and a 1 quart canteen was attached to one of the side pockets. I wanted to attached a second 2 quart canteen, but it was in the back of a closet that was full of boxes. So never mind on that.

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Swine Flu causes rush of ER rooms in Texas

The Texas Department of State Health Services has stated that people should use some kind of caution when going to the Emergency Room (ER). Please do not go to the ER unless you are experiencing at least one of the following symptoms: * Difficulty breathing * Dehydration symptoms (such as dizziness when standing, absence of urination, or in infants, a lack of tears when they cry) * Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen * Purple or blue discoloration of the lips * Unexplained confusion, unresponsiveness, sudden dizziness or seizures * Severe or persistent vomiting. Emergency rooms all over the State of Texas have been overloaded by people who think they have the Swine Flu. And in reality, most of the cases are seasonal Continue Reading….

Mexicos response to the swine flu

Health officials in Mexico first noticed unusual cases of flu and pneumonia in mid – late March, 2009. The World Health Organization in notified in late March, and again on April 9th. But the WHO did not take action until late April. Here is the article on WHO may have dropped ball with Swine Flu. Between late March, and late April, what did the health officials of Mexico do?  I do not remember seeing anything about a travel advisory to Mexico be posted because of unusual cases of flu and pneumonia. No real action was taken by Mexico, or the World Health Organization until the swine flu had already spread outside of Mexico and containment was impossible. And now, Mexico has criticized quarantines in other Continue Reading….

Swine Flu reported in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has reported its first case of swine flu.  Police were quick to quarantine the entire hotel and all 300 guest inside. The quarantine is supposed to last for 1 week. There is no information whether that is a business week, which is 5 days. Or a full week, which is 7 days. The victim is a 25 year old man who had recently traveled to Mexico. No other cases in Hong Kong have been reported at this time.

WHO may have dropped ball with Swine Flu

On Yahoo News an article has been posted stating that the World Health Organization was slow to respond to notifications about alarming occurrences of flu and pneumonia in Mexico. Cases in Mexico may have started as early as late March. The World Health Organization was notified on April 9th of the Swine Flu H1N1 outbreak. But the WHO did not take action until laboratories in the U.S. and Canadian identified the virus. Which was on April 24. This means that almost a month pasted from first notification until the first response action was taken. It seems that nothing has changed in the past 25+ years.  In the early 1980s the Center for Disease Control was notified of a strange illness that was killing gay men Continue Reading….

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