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Fire from Crampball Fungi

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 16, 2010 Comments Off

Our friend Sticks65 over at PlanetBushcraft posted another fire building video. This one talks about using flint and steel along with Crampball Fungi to make a fire. Post your comments in this thread of the wilderness survival forum.

East texas wild grapes

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 28, 2010 Comments Off

East Texas wild grapes, also called Muscadines grow on long vines and usually grow around creeks and streams.  Their range extends far past Texas and have been known to grown from Texas all the way to New York.  Their native climate is warm humid areas, such as the deep southern part of the USA. The  [ Read More ]

Gator in the Angelina River

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 14, 2010 Comments Off

On July 9 – 10 my son, my son-in-law, a friend of the family and I went camping at Bluff 1 – which is a primitive camping spot along the Angelina River. We got up that morning, and headed down stream to another camping spot that has nice rope swing. While we were going down  [ Read More ]


Posted by Kevin Felts On June 26, 2010 2 Comments

“which one should I buy, an ALICE Pack or a MOLLE Pack?” – that is one of the questions that I see a lot of on the forum. The answer is not a simple one. Before you can answer a question, sometimes you have to ask a few questions.

How much room do you need
How rugged do you need the frame? – the MOLLE pack has a plastic frame, ALICE has a metal frame

A couple of weeks ago my son, nephew and I went on a boating / camping trip. We loaded up the gear, launched the boat and headed out to a camping spot on the river. While we were there, I decided to put together a video about the packs and do a little comparison.

My first exposure to the ALICE pack was way back in either 1992 or 1993. One of my good buddies had just came back from the first Persian gulf conflict, and one of the first things he did was buy himself a medium ALICE pack to replace the one he had been using in the ARMY. I liked the pack so much, I bought myself one. The difference between my buddies pack and mine – my pack was woodland camo, while my buddies pack was olive drab. After using the medium ALICE for a few years, I found it was a little so, so I bought a large ALICE pack in olive green.

My first exposure to the MOLLE pack was a couple of months ago after I bought 3 packs off ebay.

Vargo hexagon wood stove overview

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 2, 2010 Comments Off

Until just a few days ago, I had never heard of the Vargo hexagon wood stove. It all started with Mark, the owner of Ready sent me an email and asked if I would like to do a review. Since I like to test out new gear, I said “sure”.

Right off the bat I was impressed with this stove – it looks like it can go anywhere and cook just about anything. Its versatile enough to be able to use wood, sterno, or an alcohol stove inside of it. The first thing that I notices as I took the stove out of the box is how thin it is.

Here are some dimensions:

Folded – about 3/4 inch tall
Folded – the widest part across the base is about 5 5/8 inches
Un-folded – about 4 inches tall
Un-folded – top – about 3 inches across
Un-folded – base – about 4 3/4 – 4 7/8 across

Woodville Texas Women In The Outdoors Event

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 30, 2009 Comments Off

Deep East Texas Chapter Women In The Outdoors Event Event Date: Oct 10, 2009 Location: Magnolia Ridge Park, Woodville, TX Contact: Wendy Baker Email: texaswendybaker @ Download the PDF flyer from this link to register. Some of the activities include: Self Defense: This is an active, hands on course, wear comfortable clothing and supportive  [ Read More ]

Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy for a warm weather pack

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 24, 2009 Comments Off

maxpedition pygmy falcon-iiThis is a Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy that is used for a warm weather pack. Its just big enough for a day long hike, or a light weight overnight camping pack.

One of the questions I have been asked, “what makes a pack a warm weather pack?” In my opinion, its the packs size – its so small you can not carry spare clothing. In a cold weather camping or hiking situation, you will probably want to bring extra clothing, maybe a hat gloves, extra socks,,,, the usual stuff that hikers and campers my need in cold weather.

In hot weather you can take clothing off, in cold weather you have to have extra clothing to put it on. If the extra clothing is not in the pack, there is nothing to put on.

Wilderness survival quiz on snake bites

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 24, 2009 Comments Off

Lets say that your hiking along, you dont see this snake on the trail, step on it and your bitten – what do you do? Your a couple of miles from the trail head, your out of cell phone range, what should you do in this type of situation? This picture and video were tank  [ Read More ]

Water Moccasins and Copperheads

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 22, 2009 Comments Off

For people that do not get into the woods very much, getting a copperhead and a water moccasin mixed up might be an easy thing to do. So what this article is going to do is give a basic run down on both types of snakes. The examples that ae going to be covered are  [ Read More ]

Food sources in streams and creeks

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 24, 2009 Comments Off

If your in a wilderness survival situation, keep in mind that everything in the world needs water.  So if you come across a creek, stream, pool of water, pond, lake or river, chances are your gonna be able to find some kind of food source. A couple of days ago my kids and I (Kevin)  [ Read More ]

Wilderness survival quiz ID these things in the water

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 20, 2009 Comments Off

This should be a pretty simple question, even for a 5 year old. This picture and the video was filmed on a rock flat where the overflow from a stream goes. Meaning, when the stream overflows, the water runs over this rock flat. When the water recedes there are these pools of water. Inside one  [ Read More ]

Survival quiz finding water in the wilderness

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 14, 2009 Comments Off

The question is, how do you find water in the wilderness? In the following video example there is a dried up creek bed with evidence that water had been there – such as small pools and discolored sand. The video was taken in East Texas, just north of Jasper.  Over the past month the lack  [ Read More ]

Wilderness survival books

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 7, 2009 Comments Off

A new wilderness survival books section has been added to online store lineup. These are the kinds of books that every hiker, camping or even day hikers should include in their pack. Whether your trip is 1 day or a week long excursion – its always good to have a book on wilderness survival in  [ Read More ]

Eating raw shellfish and Vibrio vulnificus

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 4, 2009 Comments Off

The information for this article was provided by The American Liver Foundation and The Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC). Vibrio vulnificus: Every year millions of Americans consume raw molluscan shellfish, especially oysters and clams. For some people, however, eating raw or undercooked molluscan shellfish can cause serious illness or death from Vibrio vulnificus. Vibrio vulnificus  [ Read More ]

Ray Mears builds a shelter in the rainforest

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 29, 2009 Comments Off

In this video, Ray Mears builds a shelter in the jungles of a rainforest. Special thanks goes to the BBC for posting this video on youtube.  Be sure to visit the official Ray Mears website. Related PostsRay Mears cooks a fish stew Survival Quiz – ID these tracks.