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Arrival Movie Review

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Arrival, released November 11, 2016, is the kind of movie that you think you have it figured out from the start, and you are wrong. This is not your typical aliens arrive on earth type of movie.

If you have a short attention span, do not watch this movie. If you have trouble connecting the dots, do not watch this movie.

If you want something different that shows the worst and best in humanity, go see Arrival.

You have pay attention to the details and listen to the conversations the actors are having. If you do not listen and pay attention, the movie will go right over your head and you will leave asking questions.

The music is wonderful.  The acting is great.  Forest Whitaker is perfect, as he usually is.  Amy Adams does a splendid job.  Jeremy Renner is he typical fun self.  The team comes together to figure out why aliens have arrived at earth.  The main question is what do they want.

The ending is a tear jerker, at least for me.

Get out of the house, go see Arrival and have a good time.

Dr Strange review

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Dr. Strange is probably the best Marvel movie to date. I used to think the first Iron Man was the best, but Dr. Strange blows Iron Man out of the water.

The story line is perfect.

The plot building is perfect.

The acting is perfect.

The special effects are perfect.

There are a couple of scenes that I feel were unneeded, such as a guy getting his head cut off. The scene could of stopped at the sword stroke and the rest would of been implied, but just as good if not better than what was in the movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a “perfect” Dr. Strange. What Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth does for Thor, Benedict Cumberbatch is above all of them in his portrayal of Dr. Strange.

The final combat scene was a little “different” than in other Marvel movies. No spoilers here. If you want to see the final fight scene, go see the movie.

There were some scenes that made the whole theater laugh. A certain librarian who acts all rough and tough in one scene, has his earbuds in and jamming to some pop music in another scene.

Overall, I could not find an single thing I disliked about Dr. Strange.

Suicide Squad review

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Suicide Squad is a thrill ride of highs and lows. All I wanted out of the movie was to be entertained, and I got what I wanted. Suicide Squad is a movie where men are men, women are sexy and men love them for it.

There seems to be an issue with main stream critics of the guns and how sexy Harley Quinn is dressed. There are a lot of guns, and there are plenty of shots of Harley Quinns cute little ass. Men love to look at a womens asses, so I do not understand why main stream critics have an issue with sexy women being shown on the big screen as what they are, beautiful sexy women.

The Joker played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad does not even come close to the Heath Ledger Joker. There is no comparison, Heath Ledger was and always will be the Joker. Jared Leto seemed like he was trying to hard to be the Joker. Overall, the Joker left a lot to be desired. I feel that Jared Leto tried to play the Joker, but he was not the Joker. Rather than being the Joker, he tried to act like the Joker.

Deadshot played by Will Smith is a rough and tough character with a heart made of gold. I was expecting his character to be rather boring. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


Godzilla Review

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A new Godzilla movie is out.  Having grown up in the 1970s and 1980s, and having seen more than my fair share of Godzilla movies, I had to go see this one.

When Godzilla came out in 1998 I took my two oldest sons to see it.  My second son wanted to go see this new one, so we went to 11:30 am showing at Tinsel town in Beaumont Texas.  It just so happened this showing was in 3d.

I usually give my movies a beer or whiskey rating.

If the movie is absolutely unbearable, I suggest you start drinking whiskey 30 – 45 minutes before the movie starts.

If the movie is great, I suggest beer or some other light drink so you can enjoy the movie.

While this new Godzilla is a LOT better than the 1998 version, it is not a great movie.  It is a good movie, well worth seeing, but it is not a great movie.


Riddick Review

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Riddick released in 2013 tries to continue to legacy of John Riddick.

In short, the movie sucks. My wife and I rented it from Redbox for $1.25, and I felt ripped off. 2 hours of my life was wasted in the hopes that the movie would get better, but it just kept getting worse.

Vin Diesel did a wonderful job portraying Riddick. His acting was wonderful as usual, just the story sucked big time. Take The Chronicles of Riddick where Riddick has been captured by the mercenaries, and replay that it its own movie.

Ten minutes into the video I was asking if it was over yet. Is it over yet, over yet, over yet, over yet,,,,, thank GOD the movie is over.

I usually give movies a beer or whiskey rating. Meaning, how much you are going to have to drink before the movie gets good. If you decide to rent Riddick, get a bottle of whiskey or a at least a 6 pack of beer and a couple of airplane sized bottles of whiskey.

Start drinking at least an hour before putting the movie on, because it will start to suck within the first 10 minutes. That means you need a good buzz BEFORE pushing the play button.

Instead of a 5 star rating, Riddick needs a negative star, because it sucks.

300: Rise of an Empire Preview

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A new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire has been posted. I have to admit, this movie looks like it is going to be awesome.

Zack Snyder is returning to the project, which means it is going to have awesome visuals. Anyone remember the “wow” factor from the original 300? Chances are we are going to see a replay.

It looks like March and April are going to be good months for movies. 300: Rise of an Empire is being released on March 7, 2014 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is being released April 4, 2014. April 4th also just happens to by my wifes birthday.

Thor the dark world review

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My wife and I made a trip to the Woodlands last weekend, which is in north Houston. We watched Thor Dark world, got a nice lunch at Chili’s, spent the night at a hotel, then went home to Jasper Texas.

My impression of Thor: The Dark World, it is about damn time we got a real Thor movie.

Dark World is an example that other marvel movies should follow. Not only does it expand the Marvel universe, it expands the powers of the principle characters.

Thor proves he is a bad-ass demigod, Loki shows why he is the God of mischief, the dark elves are cool,,,, in all, the Dark World is a good mixture of magic and science.

The Dark World raises the bar for other marvel movies.

In all there is not much to say. Thor 2 kicks ass and does not bother to take names.

Political Incorrectness Of The Original Red Dawn

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As I write this article the original Red Dawn is playing on the Ecnore channel.  As the movie plays I would like to write about how times have changed since the 1980s.  Please take this in jest, as the article is not intended to be serious.

Chevy truck has a gun rack in the back window.  This would have probably drawn a response from the FBI for a terrorist activity on school property.  There was once a time when high school kids had guns in their vehicles so they could go hunting after school.  But today, schools are gun free zones.  And we wonder why crazy people are drawn to schools?Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

White man shooting black teacher, racist.

Kids riding in the back of a truck, which is now illegal.

Adult giving guns to a minor.  Obvious example of terrible parenting.

Keeping a handgun in the glove box?

Pissing in a radiator probably voided the warranty.

After the kids reach the wilderness there is a discussion about what their parents would want.  Today, it is not what the parent wants, but what the government wants.


Red Dawn the remake

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Red Dawn released in 2012 starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is loosely based off the 1984 Red Dawn.

First Impressions – the overall acting was good. For the most part the actors played their parts well.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

The writing was pretty lousy. The characters lacked any kind of development, except for the viewer knowing Chris Hemsworth served in the Marine corps, little else is know about the other characters.

Character development

In the original Red Dawn the commander of the invading force is seen writing to his family. In his letters he talks about how is growing tired of the war.  In the remake there is no such character development with the commander of the invading force.


Inside Job Movie Review

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Want to know why our ancestor hated banks, just watch the movie “Inside Job.”

The documentary was well done, except where Glenn Hubbard got pissed off. If he would have talked to me like he did the interviewer, I would have bitch slapped him.

Inside Job starts off with Iceland, a nation that was financially sound. that is until regulations on the banks are reduced and government oversight is laxed.

The Inside job talks to various people about what helped create the crash of 2008.

Long story short, the working class people are screwed and the banks are going to keep getting richer.

There is a saying I saw awhile back that stuck in my head – “privatized profits and socialized losses.” Meaning, when times are good, the banks keep their profits. When times are bad, the tax payers have to foot the bill.

When the federal reserve is there to hand the banks whatever money they want, who worries about losing money?

So, everyone that voted for obama, how is that change working out for you.

Inside Job should be required watching for everyone who votes for the two major parties.

What really amazed me was the lack of remorse in ripping off millions of investors, and ripping off people with predatory lending.  Its as if the people working on wall street are sociopaths.  If everyone acted like bankers, the world would be in some serious trouble.

Now that the banks have control of our government, things are just going to get worse.

If Inside Job is an indication of things to come, we are in some serious crap.

The Goebbels Experiment

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The Goebbels Experiment is a reading of the diaries kept by Joseph Goebbels from 1924 to 1945.

Release date: 2005
Run Time: 108 minutes
Narrated by: Kenneth Branagh
On Netflix: Yes
Director: Lutz Hachmeister

Its one thing to read history that has been written by the victors, its another thing to read it from the people that were there.

The Goebbels Experiment is an amazing film that provides insight to the workings of German life and the Nazi party.

I had hoped Joseph Goebbels would explain why the Jews were exterminated during world War II. There were a couple of comments that stated “the jews do not respond to kindness”, and the “jews are parasites.” Besides that there was no in-depth explanation as to why the jews were hated by the German people.

There was no explanation as to why Germany invaded France.

There was no explanation as to why Germany attacked England.

There was no explanation as to why Germany attacked Russia.

In the mid-1930s Joseph Goebbels says that peace must be maintained. If war broke out, that it would affect the entire world.

By the early 1940s Joseph Goebbels was promoting total war on Russia.

What happened between the mid-1030s to the early 1940s that caused a change of heart?

How could a man that says he loves his children call for a total war against his enemies? For someone that was supposed to love his children, why did Goebbels have his children murdered?

It ok to declare total war on Russia and call for its total destruction, but Goebbels was not ready to accept the fate Hitler had condemned upon others?

A couple of issues came out during the movie, Joseph Goebbels battled depression and questioned his self-worth, which most of us also deal with.

Goebbels has some harsh words for jews, but then again he seemed to have harsh words for a lot of people. He mentions deporting jews from Berlin, but there is no mention of the concentration camps or exterminating the jews.

At around 53:00 into the movie, there is mention of a jewish book called “murder in devose” (not sure of the spelling). Joseph Goebbels says the following about the book – “a nasty jewish effort that could turn you into an anti-semite if you were not not already one. This jewish plague needs to be eradicated.”

As of yet I have not been able to find the book Goebbels was referring to. What “exactly” about the book was so offensive?

If one can get past the hatred for nazis that has been instilled upon us, The Goebbels Experiment is insightful, to say the least.

Prometheus Review

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Holy crap, what a waste of time. After watching Prometheus, its difficult to understand what Ridley Scott was trying to do? Its even more difficult to understand why Ridley Scott was unable to bring back the horror of the original Alien movie.

Some of the scenes were long, drawn out, and uncalled for.

Alien + Ridley Scott = horror that has lasted through the generations.

Prometheus + Ridley Scott = what a waste of time, what did I just watch?

If you are wanting to watch Prometheus, do not buy the DVD. Wait to rent it on redbox, or wait until it goes on the discount rack in a few years.

In the original Alien, we had a villain (the face hugger) who evolved into a much larger and nastier villain, the Alien.

In Prometheus, the movie goes villain after villain with nothing really evolving. At the end of the movie we have a little “something” that “might” hint at the original of the Alien species.

I felt like I was watching a remake of John Carpenters The Thing instead of another Ridley Scott Alien movie.

Where was the magic from Blade Runner, where was the story line of Gladiator, where was the action of Black Hawk Down?

Prometheus lacks all of the magic of previous Ridley Scott movies.

Disappointed in Netflix

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Holy crap am I disappointed in streaming Netflix.  Lets just say Netflix online service has a major letdown, and that is putting it lightly. When my wife signed up for steaming Netflix, I thought cool.  Then I looked though the video selection and was disappointed.

This is the 21st century, why does netflix online streaming selection suck so bad? This is just about the online streaming service, and not the DVD rental. In the age of high speed internet, why do I have to wait several days for a DVD to be delivered? When my wife and I have company over, we want movies available right then, and not several days later.

Clockwork Orange – nope
Tin Drum – nope
Germinal – Nope
Superman Returns – nope
Jaws – nope
Thor – yes
Captain America: The First Avenger – yes
Dune – nope
Enter the dragon – nope
Troll hunter – yes

The Expendables – yes
The great escape – nope
Rio Bravo – nope

John Wayne appeared in nearly 250 movies, and had the leading role in 142 of those movies. So why does netflix only have 14 John Wayne movies available online?

Star Wars – nope
Lord of the rings – nope
Alien – nope
Aliens – nope
Mars attacks – nope
Ghost of mars – yes
Small Soldiers – yes
Demolition Man – yes

There is no sort by date, no sort by rating, no sort by director,,, nothing to help you find the movie you are a looking for. If a search result brings back 5 pages of movies, you have to search through 5 pages.

One of the main uses that I see coming from netflix is being able to play sponge bob for the grandkids.

Where are the X rated / adult movies on netflix? My wife and I are adults, why cant we have an adult movie selection on netflix?

It seems the netflix streaming video selection is rather narrow, or would “limited” be a better term? How long has netflix been offering online streaming video? And they still do not have famous movies like A Clockwork Orange or even Alien?

There has been some talk on the net about amazon offering a streaming video option. I tell you what, with netflixs sorry selection, its probably not going to be difficult to knock netflix out of its top spot.

Netflix better get its act together before someone drives netflix into bankruptcy.

Quarantine Movie Review

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Quarantine was released in 2008 and stars Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, Greg Germann, Steve Harris, Dania Ramirez, Rade Šerbedžija and Johnathon Schaech.

The only thing that could have made this movie any better, is if Jennifer Carpenter had not been wearing a bra. That way her perky nipples could have been poking through that skimpy tee-shirt she was wearing.

Unlike a lot of movies that wait 30 – 45 minutes for the plot to kick in, Quarantine throws you into the action at about the 20 minute mark. There is some minor character development at the beginning of the movie, but once the action starts, it really starts.

*** Spoilers ***

Unlike a lot of zombie style movies where there is no clear explanation of who things kicked off, the story plot is spelled out for the viewer.

Towards the end of the movie there are news paper clippings of someone being obsessed with the end of the world. By the lab the news clippings were found in, its apparent that someone was developing a rabies based virus that was intended to bring about the end of the world.

Unlike the rabies virus that could take weeks before people develop symptoms, the new virus only takes a few hours, or even a few minutes. Once symptoms started to show, it was like 28 Days Later all over again.

Towards the end of Quarantine I was wondering if its over yet, is it over yet,,,. The movie seemed to get a little drawn out there towards the end.

Overall, if you looking for a nail-biter, zombie, end of the world if there is an outbreak type of movie, rent Quarantine.

Have you watched Quarantine? If so, what did you think about it?

Nazis at the Center of the Earth

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Nazis at the Center of the Earth gets a five beer +  a couple of shots rating. The lower the beer rating the better.


Jake Busey is in the movie. Watching Jake is like watching a young Gary Busey, its just awesome.
Several hot women. These are not the funky, fake looking hot women. The hip-to-waist ratio and hair length is just about perfect.


Some of the gore is a “little” over the top. Ripping a guys face off, come on, we could have done without that.

The Movie:

Nazis escape in a plane during World War II, and “somehow” make an underground base under one of the poles. I did not catch if it was the south or north pole, but either way I dont think it really matters which pole the base is at.

A research team finds the nazi base. The nazis take everyone hostage.

Why would a bunch of nazis want to take some hot babes hostage? Why not have a party? Bunch of guys, bunch of hot women, all they need is some steaks on the grill and something to drink.

This is the typical movie of one social group inflicting violence on other groups.

The best part of the whole movie is when the nazi cuts the bra off the hot babe and there is a split second of perky nipples.

Nazis at the Center of the Earth seriously lacks three things – sex, nipples and consensual sex.  Why do all of the nazis have to be nasty zombie looking?  Why couldn’t one of the nazis fall in love with one of the hot babes?

Less gore, more nippies.

But anyway, if you have $1.20 to rent Nazis at the Center of the Earth from redbox, have something to drink, and some free time, why not?  But be warned, you will probably say “what the hell did I just watch?” at the end.

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