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Confronting Islam

Acts17Apologetics has posted an interesting video on confronting Islam. There are two main mindsets on how Christians should deal with Islam.

1 – Tolerance and political correctness. Yes, Christians will attempt to accommodate Islam.

2 – Meet Islam head-on. No, we are not going to accommodate Islam. No, Sharia law is not welcome here.

Why are Muslims offended by Christianity, but Christians are not supposed to be offended by Islam?

One of the major differences between Christ and Muhammad, Christ taught us to love our neighbors.

What did Muhammad teach? Look no further then nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran – women are not allowed to vote, gays are killed, and people who change their religion are killed.

The true gospel, is one that teaches peace and love to our fellow man.

If you are wondering why non-Muslims should be worried about Sharia Law, see this list of threads on Creeping Sharia.

Should America Return to Christian Values

A lady on my facebook feed posted an image that said, “like if you think America should return to its Christian values.”

Slavery – It was Christians, good GOD fearing people that helped make slavery part of American history. To be fair, and to spread the blame, a good number of slave ships were owned by Jews. If we want to go back to our Christian values, are we going to enslave blacks?

Drinking – It was GOD fearing Christians that gave us Prohibition. Are we going to outlaw drinking again?

Marijuana – it was good GOD fearing Christians that helped outlaw the use of marijuana.

Gay Lifestyle – it was GOD fearing Christians that has helped fuel hatred towards gays. Shouldn’t we let someones lifestyle be their choice, instead of societies choice.

Why would we want to live a lifestyle that promotes hatred towards certain people? What kind of GOD tells his followers to kill people who commit adultery?

Maybe we need to scrap the old testament and following the teachings of Christ. Forget the apostles, forget the teachings of everyone that came after Christ. If we took the teachings of Christ, and Christ alone, then, and only then would there be a religion worth following.

What makes Christ so different? Because he taught people to love one another, period.

At no time as America been under the influence of pure Christian values. If we had, there would be no poverty, there would be no murder, gays would be able to live in peace, people would be able to smoke a little weed from time to time, and we would be a peaceful nation.


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