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Feeling down

Posted by Kevin Felts On March 31, 2014 1 Comment
Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Feels like I am slipping underwater, lips barely breaking the surface to gasp for air.

I do not understand why I am feeling this way. Last summer my wife and I got moved to a rural area. We can finally live the lifestyle we want – have a garden, plant fruit trees, have chickens, live in peace and quiet, and for some reason I am feeling down.

There is so much I need to do, but so little time.

Need to build a rain water catch system to irrigate the garden, plant peas, beans, squash, melons, want to go fishing, build a larger chicken yard,,, feel overwhelmed.

Puppies killed one of my chicks

Posted by Kevin Felts On March 16, 2014 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I picked up two puppies someone had dropped off on the side of the road. My wife and I live in a rural area which means people can drop off unwanted pets with a low risk of being spotted. The puppies were living in a hollow log on the side  [ Read More ]

To die with a view

Posted by Kevin Felts On March 8, 2014 0 Comments

This might seem a little morbid, but when you die, would you like your corpse to have a view of the sky and stars?

While looking around youtube I came across a video showing the corpses that litter Mt. Everest. When I was watching the video I thought to myself what it may be like to be on a place like Everest forever.

Corpses can not see or hear, but imagine if they could. How splendid it would be to be on Mt. Everest, to watch the wind, the snow, and see the stars.

Would you rather your corpse be buried in a box, burned to ashes, or sitting under the stars. Watch the video and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Random Thoughts January 23 2014

Posted by Kevin Felts On January 23, 2014 0 Comments
Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

The first random thoughts post of 2014, so lets make it a good one.

Your leg or any other body part will always lose against a chainsaw. Spring is right around the corner, people are going to be working outside, so lets be safe.

Japan wants the worlds help in keeping China off some islands. If it were not for the oil in the area I do not understand what the problem is. Tension between Japan and China has been on the uptick for the past few years. I imagine some kind of deal will be worked out for everyones benefit.

The bigger question about China, is it going to position itself to topple the United States as a world leader? Reports say China is in the process of doubling its aircraft carrier fleet. Even if China doubles its fleet of carriers, China will still be decades behind the USA, which is not a good thing. If China is so far behind the US in navy power, chances are they would resort to nuclear weapons to offset our naval advantage.

My neighbor was robbed

Posted by Kevin Felts On January 12, 2014 0 Comments

An older gentlemen and his wife who live close to me were robbed last friday. They were out of town for a couple on a trip that lasted thursday through saturday.

Sometime while they were gone the front door was kicked in, the whole gun safe was stolen, and the thieves tried to steal a truck. But while in the process of moving the truck to load stuff in it, the thieves got the truck stuck in the yard.

It seems like people are no longer safe regardless of where they go. I figure that living in a rural area crime would be non-existent, but it is still here.

Thieves are like democrats. You work hard all your whole life, accumulate property, then someone kicks in your door and takes it from you. It it is not the democrats then it is the child support office, the irs or some other agency trying to take what you have worked hard for.

What do people have to do to live in peace and quiet?

Thoughts on civil rights

Posted by Kevin Felts On January 8, 2014 0 Comments

For as long as humanity has existed there has been slavery, upper and lower class, kings, peasants, racism and hatred for one class or another. Everywhere humanity goes we spread inequality like a disease. The Romans denied the Northern tribes equal protection, and it contributed to the downfall of Rome. Southern slave owners helped tear  [ Read More ]

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On the topic of black friday and selling our souls

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 2, 2013 0 Comments

It appears to me black friday gets pushed back a little earlier every year.

My wife and I usually eat thanksgiving lunch, rest for a couple of hours, then go to walmart to catch a black friday deal. For the past few years the lines did not start building until later in the evening.

This year my wife and I went to walmart for a couple of external hard drives and memory cards. We arrived at the store around 5:30 to find lines were already 100+ feet long.

Disappointed in the 2013 black friday

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 29, 2013 0 Comments

I thought black friday was the hottest shopping day of the year, second only to cyber monday.

If black friday is the hottest shopping day of the year, where are the hot deals on guns? Besides Palmetto State Armory running a short deal on AR-15 upper receivers, it appears to me the rest of the gun industry has ignored the hottest shopping day of the year.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

There are some so called “sales” out there, such as a Bushmaster for $1,000, which is laughable. Why would anyone want to buy a Bushmaster for $1k, when you can get a Colt 6920 for anywhere from $900 – $1,200. When a colt 6920 cost less than a Bushmaster, something is seriously wrong with the market.

Where are the good deals on AR-15s and AK-47s? For that part, where are the good deals on anything gun related?

What does it take to be happy

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 18, 2013 0 Comments

Lets just go ahead and face it, people no longer know what makes them happy. If you listen to commercials, the only way to be happy is to be in massive debt – buy the new phone, buy the new TV, buy the new car,,,, buy, buy, buy until you are tapped out. True happiness  [ Read More ]

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In the heart of giving

Posted by Kevin Felts On September 16, 2013 0 Comments

Be sure to watch the video all the way through.

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Aggression In Modern Society

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 16, 2013 0 Comments

Last night I was watching a youtube video about the zimmerman trial when I clicked on a related video. The related video was about someone being convicted of murder.

I kept clicking on related videos of people being convicted of rape or murder, but mostly murder.

A couple of videos showed the accused attacking their lawyers, some cursed the judge, one guy pissed in a trash can right there in the court room,,,. One man was accused of killing two women by setting them on fire, one woman was pregnant.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

The vast majority of people in the youtube videos showed a total lack of respect for our laws and justice system.

We only have one life to live, why live it behind bars?

An animal does what it does.

Foxes eat mice and steal chickens. The fox does what comes natural to it.

People on the other hand, we have an option.

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Random Thoughts July 16 2013

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 16, 2013 0 Comments

With everything going on in the world and in the United States, I think it is time for another random thoughts article.

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin – is it not enough that one man is dead, another fears for his life, but now people have to go around protesting in the streets?

Jesus H Christ, do the whites go around protesting everytime a black person kills a whitey?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

What happened after the OJ Simpson case? Did white people go around protesting against OJ? Did the National Association of White People pressure the justice department on the OJ case? Did the Kl Klux Klan or skinheads put a $10,000 reward on the head of OJ?

People need to set racial issues aside and have some respect for our legal system.

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T Minus Two Weeks

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 14, 2013 0 Comments

My wife and I have 2 weeks until we move to the farm. In other words, we have 2 weeks until we start a new phase in our lives.

The chicken yard is almost finished.

A couple of pine trees need to be cut as they are leaning towards the house location.

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Three Weeks

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 8, 2013 0 Comments

My wife and I are down to three weeks until we are scheduled to move.

I feel that I am about to enter a new phase in my life. My wife and I are moving to a rural area of southeast Texas, and only 10 months left on child support.

Moving away from the city will allow my wife and I to have more livestock then what we currently have. I would like to have cattle, pigs, goats and maybe some sheep to go along with our chickens.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

After the move we will have land to grow a garden on, just about any sized we want. If we want to grow corn, okra or watermelons we are going to be able to do so.

After dealing with child support office of Jefferson and Harris county, I understand why so many men never want children. I feel that fathers are abused by the system, treated like nothing more than a paycheck (or milk cow), and then cast away when no longer useful.

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So Much Left To Do

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 25, 2013 0 Comments

If, and that is a big “if” everything goes to plan my wife and I should make our move to the homestead between the last week of July and the first week of August.

Things left to do

Clear some tree limbs for power lines. The main trees have been cut, but some small limbs need to be cleared.

Stake out where the house is going.

Put down septic system.

Get power ran to house location.