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AK-47 is the ultimate SHTF / TEOTAWKI survival rifle
AK-47 magazines, painting
AK-47, why every American should own one
ALICE, MOLLE II or Maxpedition backpack
Alice Packs
Ammunition stockpile, well rounded
Another stockpiling ammunition for SHTF article
Another trip to the Angelina River
AR-15 AK-47 and Remington 1911 R1
Armchair survivalist at it again


Being a survivalist in the 1990s
Berkey light water filter
Books for a survivalist library
Bucket for trotlines and noodles
Bug out location essentials
Bug out location missing gear
Bug out location stove and grill
Bug out plans
Bug out test
Buying fishing gear
Buying some more survival gear


Calm before the panic buying
Calorie intake
Can opener syndrome
Camping on the Angelina river
Chicken coop part 1
Chicken coop part 2
Chicken coop part 3
Chicken coop project part 4
Chicken coop update May 14 2012
Chickens for urban survival
Chicken project 6 month update
Chickens started laying eggs
Chickens, why they are the perfect pet
Child support induced poverty
Climate change and long term survival plans
Coleman perfectflow stove
Coleman perfectflow grill review
Complicated survivalist plans
Contact list
Cooking after SHTF/TEOTWAWKI
Could the dark ages happen again
Could the dark ages happen again part 2


Dermabond for wound closure
Doom and gloom in the survival community part 2
Drinking water in an urban survival situation


E. Coli infection control
Effect of globalization on global conflicts
Emergency Kit Checklist
Excess food supply after SHTF


Firearms at the Bug Out Location
Five fire building tips
Floods after a disaster
Food as a comfort blanket
Food fatigue after SHTF / TEOTWAWKI
Fuel lines after a disaster
Fuel storage
Freezer contents
Fruit Trees and the urban survivalist
Fundamental foods survivalist should stockpile


Garden seeds to stockpile
Generator security
Get home bag – some ideas
Grills and ice chest
Gun cleaning supplies at the bug out location


Handcrank flashlights
Harvesting snap beans
Harvesting the first potatoes of 2010
Hastily assembled and ill equipped survival plans
Heat related problems while hiking
Homemade candles
How to organize a tackle box
Human cattle
Human innovation after a collapse
Hunter gatherer or gardener survivalist
Hunting season checklist

Hygiene after SHTF


Internal vs external frame backpacks


Juglines after SHTF
July 25 trip to the Angelina River


Kerosene lanterns


Looking for a camping spot on the river
Looters and your Bug Out Location
Long term survival food preps


Maintaining a remote camp
Mapgul enhanced self-leveling follower
Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy for a warm weather pack
Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger Review
Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Review
Maxpedition Vulture-II
Maxpedition Vulture II for a camping trip
Maxpedition water bottle holder and mini rollypoly
Monarch 308 Winchester review part 1
MRE shelf life
MRE VS Freeze Dried
MRE VS Mainstay Meals


No bug out bag for me


Obsessedwith survivalism


Pecan Trees
Personal hygiene kits
Personal survival kit example
Plague of the early 21st century
Planting a community garden
Planting potatoes peas and corn
Prepper or a survivalist


Rain in June – a personal account of my childhood
Ranger medic handbook
Rotating seed stockpile
Royal Berkey water filter at the camp


Self-centered preppers
Shake flashlight review
Shortsighted survival plans
Six months after TEOTWAWKI
Skills every survivalist should know
Soap and water at the camp
Sodium content of MREs
Something to consider on gun control
Spam as a survival food
Squash as a survivalist food
Stockpiling beans and bullets
Stockpiling SHTF fishing gear
Stockpiling SHTF food ammo and fishing supplies
Stockpiling survival gear
Stockpiling survival gear at the Bug Out Location
Storing food in mylar bags
Summer is almost over
Survival book library
Survival camp example
Survival gear fetish
Survival gear preps second quarter 2012
Survivalism as a Lifestyle
Survivalist monastery theory
Survivalist Security
Surviving a long term disaster
Sustainable food sources after TEOTWAWKI


Taking the new boat out
Teaching someone to fish
The concept of stockpiling survival gear
The United States is dying
Three day trip to the camp
Thoughts on the large MOLLE pack
Top 6 diseases post STHF
Top 10 survival gear items
Trip to the Bug Out Location June 2012
Trip to the camp
Two Weeks in Hell on the Discovery Channel


Urban survival and safe drinking water


Vargo hexagon wood stove
Vargo triad stove review
Value of hard work


Washed out roads
Waterborne infections
Water Filters
Water filter options
Weight gain and computer related jobs
Welding in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana
Welfare roaches after a disaster
What groups would survive
What is life
What it means to be a survivalist
Where would humanity be without religion
Why do people get into prepping
Why I like to go camping
Why I switched from 9mm to 45acp
Why people can not form their own opinion

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