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Democrats Voting Against Their Best Interest

Democrats Voting Against Their Best Interest
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There is a common question democrats like to throw to Republican voters – “Why do you vote against your best interest?” Meaning, why do Republican voters vote against socialism, and socialist policies? For one, one idiots vote for socialism, which is first cousins to communism and fascism.

There is an old saying that goes something like this – “People willingly turn to socialism, communism is taken by force.”

During difficult financial times, people willingly turn to socialist policies for help, such as public housing, food stamps, social security disability… etc. Eventually, the socialist government gives way to communism to keep the people under control.

During good financial times, and people have jobs and expendable income, voters reject socialism.

To achieve socialism the democrat party wants a stagnated economy, and free trade policies. American workers can not compete against a worker in China, or other low wage nations. Thus, factories move to China to exploit cheap labor. This results in the middle class losing ground, and wage stagnation. As the middle class dwindles and people lose jobs, they are more likely to vote for socialist policies.

Donald Trump Is a Threat to Democrat Socialist Agenda

Let’s pause and ask, “Why is Donald Trump hated by democrats and the liberal democrat controlled main stream media?”

The answer is simple – Donald Trump is reversing decades of democrat policies which has resulted in the middle class almost being destroyed.

  • As people go back to work,
  • Wages rise,
  • Protectionist tariffs are put in place,
  • Factories are restarted,
  • New factories are built,

Less people will vote democrat, and the democrat leadership knows this.

Democrats are left with two options:

  • Remove President Trump by impeachment.
  • Open the borders, allow people to enter freely, then give those people the right to vote.  This leaves the democrat party appealing to fringe groups.

Why not just address the issues people want to talk about?

Because the democrat party does not want to talk about fair and balanced trade, job creation, improving the economy…. etc, as that is not their main goal.  The goal of the democrat party is to destroy the middle class, then tell people the only solution is socialism, which would eventually give way to fascism or communism.  Even with just socialism we are left with a single party government, which the democrats are promoting now.

Democrats Promote Fascism

Take In-N-Out Burger for example. When it became known In-N-Out Burger made a donation to the GOP, democrats called for a boycott. This is the political atmosphere we have today where democrats will not tolerate a different opinion, which is a form of fascism.

When Milo went to speak at Berkeley, riots erupted.

People were so offended by a different opinion they responded with violence, which is typical of fascism.

When someone votes democrat they vote to continue the destruction of the middle class, and the nations progress towards socialism and fascism.

Do we want free and open elections?

Do we want honest debates about the topics?

Or do we want violence and a closed political system?

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