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Facebook And End User Privacy

Facebook And End User Privacy
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Kevin Felts working on his bar-b-q pitWhy is everyone upset about Facebook allowing user date to be accessed? From the time someone logs onto the Internet, just about everything they do is logged in some shape or manner.

When a device accesses a website, a whole series of events have to take place.

All information sent over the Internet is sent in the form of a packet. The packet has the sending IP address and the destination IP address.

DNS Server

First, the name of the website has be translated with an Internet Address. This is done through a Domain Name Server (DNS). Whatever device the user is using makes a request to the DNS server.

Device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet..) hey DNS server, I need

DNS, that IP address is

Device, ok thanks.

Some DNS servers log every request.

So before the user ever accesses a webpage, the Internet Service Provider may have a log of the website the user asked for.

Then, the request is set to a router at the Internet service Provider. Think of the router is like a traffic cop. The device sends a request to the router and says, “I need” The router says something like, “Ok, is down that line of fiber optic cable.”

The router may log the traffic.

When the packet hits the next router, the router says, “ is down that line.”, and the packet is send down the next line of cable.

The traffic sent through that router may be logged.
Eventually, the packet arrives at the web server.

Web Server

Packet arrives, knocks on the door of and asks something like, “Hey, I understand lives here.” The web sever says something like, “Yep, you are in the right place, here is the webpage.”

All of the request and replies may be logged on every device that sends of receives information.


From the time the user logs onto the Internet and tries to access a webpage, everything they do may be logged on various devices.

Facebook is like all other websites, it logs just about everything the user does.

When using a website, there is no expectation of privacy.

So there is no reason to be upset when a comapny that is supposed to make money makes money from your personal information.  That is what capitalist do, we make money.  Everyone likes to make money, and the people at Facebook are no exception.

If someone does not want Facebook to use their information, do not use Facebook, its that easy.

Or, provide Facebook with as little information as possible.  Do not add people as family members, do not list schools, do not list employment history… etc.

It is up to the individual to protect their privacy.  Facebook is doing what companies do, and that is make money.

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