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What To Expect From A 31 Cent Compass

What To Expect From A 31 Cent Compass
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After digging through Ebay I was able to find a 31 cent compass.  The pictures looked rather neat.  The compass was in a plastic housing which had a cord attached to it.  To get the price down 31 cent, I ordered 40 of them.

What would these be used for? A backup compass and nothing more. Just something that can be attached outside the pack so someone can get a quick reference.

cheap compass

Why look at a 31 cent compass?  Part of my videos for 2018 are doing reviews of low cost survival gear. I wanted to start with compasses, just because. The first video and article was about a 50 cent compass.

As I was pulling the compasses out of the package, some of compasses fell out of the plastic housing.

Some of them do not point north. Most will point north.  Out of 40 of them, just a couple did not point north.  Some of them, the compass has to be perfectly flat to rotate.  Someone may say, “So what, a compass has to be flat to work.”  The compass has to be almost perfectly flat to work.  It seemed that any kind of imbalance and the compass would not work.

Unlike the 50 cent compass, I can not justify buying the 31 cent compass.

I have several map compasses on the way that cost $1 and $2.  From there we are going to move up the price scale almost doubling the price with every review.  The goal is to find out if $5 compass will work as well as a $10 compass.  Or if a $1 compass will work as well as a $20 compass.

This is something I have always wanted to do, it a series of videos looking at low cost gear.

What would this gear be used for? Hand out bags and youngsters who may lose stuff.  Someone may have some young people they are taking hiking or camping.  Buying 10 kids each a $2 compass would be easier than buying 10 kids each a $20 compass.

As for bottom of the barrel compasses, I would recommend the 50 cent over the 31 cent.  In a few weeks we will be looking at a $1 compass, and then a $2 compass.  From there we will move up the price scale.


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