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Define Common Sense Gun Control

Define Common Sense Gun Control
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Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorThe bodies of children from the Parkland shooting are not even cold, and gun grabbers are out in force.

Gun grabbing Socialist Democrats are throwing the ever popular buzz words, “Common sense gun control” around as if the words were candy.

Someone explain “exactly” what common sense gun control is.

  • Background checks – in effect since the 1990s.
  • Family violence offenders – check.
  • Felons prohibited from owning a gun – check.
  • People with a history of mental illness – check.

Someone explain where we need more gun control, much less “common sense” gun control.

Gun owners have given up our rights since the 1930s.  Those rights were further eroded by the Federal Firearms Act of 1968.  Then there was the Brady Bill.

Exactly and to the point, what laws would have prevented the Parkland, Florida school shooting?

What we need is enforcement of laws that are already on the books.  News is reporting the shooter made a comment on YouTube several months before the shooting took place.

What did the FBI do about the comment?  They interviewed some people.

The FBI has turned into nothing more than a political weapon for Democrats to use against Republicans.  A person who was making disturbing post on social media took those words and turned them into actions.  And the FBI knew about the words months ahead of time.

Gun control would not have stopped the Parkland, Florida shooter.  What would have stopped him is for the FBI to take his words seriously.  From there, get the young man the help he needed so that crimes like this can be prevented.

Gun grabbers are quick to blame the National Rifle Association.  This is while those same liberals protect a womans right to murder her unborn child.

If Socialist Democrats really wanted to protect lives, let’s start with abortion.  As long as unborn children are murdered, Liberals do not have a foot to stand on.  The common sense thing to do is protect the unborn, then move up from there.

There are two things socialist are not known for:

Under the agenda pushed by Socialist Democrats, civil rights should be sacrificed for the good of the whole.  If certain groups, such as gun owners, have to give up their rights, then so be it.

The issue is, the socialist agenda will not stop at gun rights.  Each group will be forced to give up something.  The unborn have to give up their lives, and gun owners are asked once again to give up some of their rights.

After a mass shooting like what happened in Parkland, Florida, it is normal for emotions to run high.  Now is not the time to talk about gun control.  In fact, no time is the time to talk about giving up our rights.   Gun owners simply will not give up any more of our rights.  The answer is no.

If the people want something to change in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, then ask why the FBI did nothing.  Ask why someone can say they are going to be a “professional school shooter”, and nothing happen.

We already have common sense gun control, and people slip through.  Maybe it is time to start talking about what has gone so wrong in society that a young man would want to shoot up a school.

The Parkland, Florida shooting is not a gun problem.  There is something wrong with our society that needs to be addressed.

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