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Watch: Power Lines For Bugging Out

Watch: Power Lines For Bugging Out
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Name things all cities have in common – roads, buildings, maybe railroads, but one thing is for sure, power lines.  Power lines cut through remote areas, which can make them ideal for bugging out by foot.

Keep in mind, this is a complete collapse of society bug out situation.  Power lines will be a rough go,  but they will get you off the beaten path.  Unlike rail roads, the ground will not be level, or will be no bridges.  Come up to a river following a power line, and you will have to swim.

Power lines after SHTF

In June of 2017 I hiked a section of main grid feeder lines that cut through some rural areas here in Southeast Texas.  Video is after the following link.

Power Lines

Power lines start at the power generation plant, then spread out to various areas. Here in Southeast Texas a power generation plant near Bridge City, Texas provides most of the power. The main lines head north through the piney woods of Southeast Texas, and eventually head in Louisiana.

Following the main feeder lines would take someone from the very tip of Southeast Texas all the way into mid-southwest Louisiana.

The power lines span hundreds of miles in a given local. When SHTF survivalist will be able to use these power lines to bug out of urban areas. This could be a fast way to get out of the densely populated urban areas and into the rural countryside.

The drawback is the terrain will not be easy to transverse. There will be no bridges over creeks, nor will there be rest areas. Main feeder lines travel through rural sparsely populated areas.

On my hike in 2017 there was one place on the power line where I could barely hear a highway several miles away.  Besides those faint noises for a very short period of time, there were no sounds or sights of the modern world.  From time to time I saw a deer stand, but those were only used for a few times a year.

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