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Video Review: Jaxman M8 Flashlight

Video Review: Jaxman M8 Flashlight
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The Jaxman M8 is a handheld flashlight that uses a single 18650 battery.  Like a lot of flashlights of this style, the on/off button is located in the tailcap. Push the on/off button to turn the flashlight in, then gently press the button to cycle through the brightness settings.

Jaxman M8 Review

After using the Jaxman M8 flashlight for several months, it has become on my my favorite “go to” flashlights.

Description From Amazon:

  • XPL Hi LED/Max 700LM/Max 150 meters
  • Battery anti-reverse protection,low voltage slow flashing,over discharge protection
  • High: 700 lumens
  • Medium: 275 lumens
  • Low: 40 lumens
  • A small and far shoot flashlight!Powered by 1 x18650 rechargeable flat top (65mm Length) Battery(NOT INCLUDED),Max. 4.2V
  • Suitable for Camping, hiking, Hunting,Cycling, Fishing, Auto Emergencies, and Home Repair

Lanyard is included with the Jaxman M8 flashlight.

  • Weight with battery: 5.60 ounces
  • Length: 5 1/8 inches
  • Body diameter: 1 inch
  • Bezel diameter: 1 1/2 inches

Now for the video.

The Jaxman M8 has a nice feel and fits the hand just right.

Overall, the Jaxman M8 is a wonderful flashlight and at a great price. The flashlight stays on an end table next to the front door.  When I go to check on the chickens at night, it is one of the first flashlights I reach for.

My personal M8 flashlight is kept next to the front door on a table.  When going to check on the chickens at night, or to just look around the house, the Jaxman M8 is the first flashlight I reach for.

Not only is the Jaxman M8 kept next to the door, it is one of the first flashlights I grab for a backpacking trip.  You never know when things could go wrong and you have to hike back in the dark.

700 lumens provides plenty for nighttime work.

The low of 40 lumens is not so bright that it is blinding.

Full disclosure, the Jaxman M8 was sent at no cost to myself.

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