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Top Five People At SHOT Show 2018

Top Five People At SHOT Show 2018
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It is estimated 60,000 people were going to visit SHOT Show 2018 in Vegas.  Does that number count company employees, or just public attendance?  Either way, that is a big number.

For the sake of discussion, let’s stick with 60,000.

On my trip to SHOT Show in 2018, I met a number of people. Well, you could say I ran into several thousand people. Out of those people, who left the lasting impression?

To respect their privacy, pictures of their faces will not be posted.  While interviewing one lady I asked her about doing video.   She politely asked that her face not be put on the Internet.  Her request was fully respected and neither her face or full name will be posted.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms Optic

Ian at Primary Arms is an absolutely wonderful person to talk with.  In fact, everyone at Primary Arms is a pleasure to deal with.  Over the years I have sent them a number of emails asking about various products.  The reply emails have always been courteous and prompt.

Since Primary Arms is in the Houston, Texas area, which is a little over 100 miles from my house, I usually get my stuff from Primary Arms in one or two days.

While Primary Arms may offer a lot of products on their website, their may contribution to the shooting community is probably their optics line.  While at SHOT Show 2018, the guys and gals from Primary Arms talked about how one of their reticles was picked to go in an ACOG.

Victorinox / Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army

Before SHOT Show started I received an email from Leah who asked if I would like to schedule an appointment.  From previous experience I knew how large and confusing SHOT Show was going to be, so I declined her offer.

However, I told Leah via email that I would like to drop by and talk to her.

When I arrived at the Victorinox / Swiss Army booth of SHOT Show, Leah was wonderful to talk with.  She took several minutes of her time to talk about the new products Victorinox was offering for 2018.

Leah was wonderful to interview and an absolute pleasure to talk with.


SOG Knife

Harrison at SOG was WONDERFUL to talk to.  He answered all of my questions, plus some, in a professional manner.

Harrison acted like he had all the time in the world.  Even though SHOT Show was chaos, Harrison acted like he did not have a a care in the world.  To Harrison, it appeared my questions were the most important topics he had at hand.

I honestly look forward to seeing him at the 2019 SHOT Show.


ERGO Grips 2018 SHOT Show

The best has been saved for last.  This is not one person, but two – Dennis and Lisa.

Dennis went out of his way to talk about the new products ERGO was putting on the market.  Lisa was nice enough to do a video,.

Several years ago I received some testing samples from Ergo Grips.  Since then, the company has re-branded itself as just “ERGO.”  The re-branding was because the company expanded beyond just grips.

This review of the ERGO 4045 BK was posted way back in 2012.

Since that video was posted, ERGO has expanded its line to a number of products, such as rails, for the AR-15.

Dennis and Lisa were absolutely wonderful to talk to.  I am looking forward to seeing them at the 2019 SHOT Show.


There were so many people at SHOT Show 2018 it was outrageous.  I ran into people who would bump you out of the way and not excuse themselves, to people who needed help.

While I was looking at a map a Hispanic lady approached and asked for help finding a certain booth.  Even though my Spanish vocabulary is limited to about a dozen words I was able to help her find the booth she was looking for.  She thanked me in Spanish, I said your welcome in Spanish, and we went on our separate ways.

Regardless of what I saw at SHOT Show, interactions between people is what matters the most.

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