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Three Day Assault Pack First Impressions

Three Day Assault Pack First Impressions
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Three Day Assault pack

The Three Day Assault pack is a military surplus backpack that was designed for excursions lasting more than one day.  It has a capacity of around of 1,850 cubic inches, which is enough room for the essentials.

The Three Day Assault pack has three compartments, large main compartment and an outer compartment. The outer compartment has a small storage pouch inside, and outside of it.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the United States military phased out the ALICE pack in favor of the MOLLE.

Three Day Assault Pack

The Three Day Assault pack is one of four backpacks in use by the United States Army:

  • Patrol Pack – Suited for day hikes, or lightweight overnight camping trips.  No frame.
  • Three Day Assault pack – Large enough for a couple of days in warm weather camping.  No frame.
  • Medium MOLLE – Slightly larger than the three day pack and has a frame.
  • Large MOLLE – Largest of the four packs.  Suited for excursions lasting several days and has a frame.

Three Day Assault pack fills the gap between the patrol pack, and the medium MOLLE, which has a frame.

Military Surplus Three Day Assault Pack

Three Day Assault Pack Likes

Let’s start at the top of the pack and work our way down.

Heavy duty YKK zippers.

Compression straps on the sides.

Slot for stiffener pad inside pack.  This does more than help the pack stand upright, it prevents stuff inside the pack from jabbing you in the back.

Nice sized main compartment.

Outer compartment on backside of pack is just the right size

In the outer compartment of my Three Day Assault pack:

  • Katdyn Vario water filter
  • TOPO maps
  • Compass X 2
  • GPS
  • Toilet paper
  • Rain poncho
  • Eating utensils – spork and long handled spoon

MOLLE webbing on side for attaching pouches or canteens.  My Three Day Assault pack currently has two one quart canteens, one on each side.

MOLLE webbing on the shoulder straps.

Attachment points for the bottom of the shoulder straps are reinforced with 5 1/2 inch long strips of webbing.

Webbing loops on the bottom of the pack for attachment points.

Available in woodland camouflage.  From time-to-time these will show up on Ebay in woodland camo.  Do a search on ebay, the follow the search to get email notifications.

Military Surplus Three Day Assault Pack

Three Day Assault Pack Dislikes

Two built-in straps for lashing something to the top of the pack.  I would rather have webbing so I can use my own straps, but these will do.  Having a built in strap complicates things.  If the strap is too small, then you have to add another strap to the existing one.

Top portion of the shoulder straps is sewn into the pack. Attachment point is not reinforced like the bottom straps.  Bottom attachment point for the shoulder strap is D-ring, that is has webbing running through it.  The webbing is one inch wide and 5 1/2 inches long and is sewn into the pack.

One row of webbing above the outside compartment.  Not exactly sure what is supposed to go there.  I feel this should have been two rows of webbing instead of just one.

Waist belt is 1 1/2 wide and has no padding.

Three Day Assault Pack

Final Thoughts On The Three Day Assault pack

Overall, I like Three Day Assault pack. My only real complaint it the top section of the shoulder straps are not replaceable.

Capacity is an estimated 1,850 cubic inches, which is ok.

For an overnight warm weather hiking / camping trip, the Three Day Assault pack seems just right.  However, I will be able to tell more once it is taken on some trips.

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