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Liberals Acting Like conservatives

Liberals Acting Like conservatives
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Usually, a conservative is associated with someone who resist change. With that in mind, it is nice to see progressive liberals acting like conservatives.

When it comes to just about anything having to do with changing the obama agenda, liberals act like conservatives and resist change. What are these new found conservatives afraid of? For example, the Internet worked just fine before 2015. Yet, listen to the progressives the sky is falling with the repeal of net neutrality.

Talk about improving healthcare, and new found conservatives protest in droves.

Revise the tax code, new found conservatives protest.

Why are liberals flipping and becoming conservatives? Trump has an agenda, just like obama did. If people opposed the obama agenda, they were called racist. What do we call people who resist Trumps agenda? Maybe call them right wing conservatives?

When obama was bringing about change, he was considered a progressive. Now it is Trump who is the progressive and bringing about change.

Since I support Trump, does that make me a liberal? Probably so, but a right wing liberal, if there is such a thing.

So liberals, how does it feel to protest change and be a conservative?

2018 MidTerm Forecast

In the eight years obama was president, democrats lost over 1,000 state seats, both houses and the presidency.

Before Trump was elected, which I predicted, main stream media waged an all out war on him. This war continues in earnest.

Between January – November 2018 will be critical for the GOP. If they play their cards right, democrats will be handed another crushing defeat. However, main stream media will be hastily at work playing on the fears of the public.

Regardless of what mainstream media does, money talks.


  • The economy continues to climb,
  • Unemployment reaches historical lows,
  • FBI is brought to heel for their crimes,
  • ISIS is crushed,
  • Dreamers given citizenship…. and a few other things.

The Democrat party will be on their way to being extinct. They have nobody who can touch Trump. The DNC leaders are old and out of touch. Chances are the democrat party will splinter before November 2018. Nancy and her gang are no longer progressive enough for the younger generation.

Going to leave this here and come back in November 2018 and see how many things were true.

Hopefully, democrats and their progressive socialist agenda will be handed a stunning and crushing defeat in the 2018 midterm elections.

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