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Roy Moore Defeat Was No Surprise

Roy Moore Defeat Was No Surprise
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Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

The defeat of Roy Moore came as no surprise and proved several things.

1. People are gullible. The people of Alabama proved they can not think for themselves and rely on spoon fed information.

2. Repeat a lie long enough and people will start to believe it.

3. People of Alabama are willing to give away their rights. The democrat party is on the path of socialism. This means people give up their rights for the good of the community. Under socialism individual rights are sacrificed.

If you want your individual liberties preserved, do NOT vote democrat.

4. People of Alabama do not want real change. Trump is the resistance to the business as usual agenda of Washington D.C..  If the people want “real” change, and not the fake change that President Obama offered, we have to support Trump.

If people are tired of business as usual, support President Trump.

If people want Washington D.C. to continue business as usual, vote against Trump.

That is all there is to it.

5.  Democrat lunacy is reaching new heights.  Party member are unhinged and on the edge of insanity.  They are grasping at straws as in their death throes.

Roy Moore Defeat

I do not understand why the people of Alabama would vote against their best interest.  It is in the best interest of the nation that President Trump gets as many votes as he can.

Do we want free trade to continue to destroy our economy?

Do we want a president who bows to the international community?

Or, do we want a president who puts the United States first and foremost?

Voting against President Trump is voting for free trade, continued progressive socialist agenda… and so much more.

With another democrat in congress, the hopes of getting any meaningful legislation passed fades away.  Democrats will continue to grind the government to a halt.

If liberal democrats hate Donald Trump, he must be doing something right.

Vote for a party that will preserve individual liberties and will put the United States first.  That means voting Republican.

The people of Alabama had the chance to affirm a United States first agenda, and they chose the path of democrats.

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