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Only Idiots Vote For Gun Control

Only Idiots Vote For Gun Control
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Let’s say someone came to you and asked you to restrict your rights, what would you say?  Let’s go ahead and say it, “Only idiots vote to restrict their rights.”

For the sake of discussion, let’s say they wanted to restrict your right to vote, or your right to a jury trial, or your right to bail, or your right to go to church.  What would you say?

The person would use different arguments, but the end result would be the same.  Which would be limiting your rights.  Letting people out on bail is to dangerous, so let’s keep people in prison until their trial date.

Why would we need a trial by jury?  Let’s appoint scientist to look at the evidence and decide a persons fate.  With trained professionals there is no need to have attorneys.  Just present the evidence and let them decide.

Of course the answer is a flat out NO.  No, we do not limit our rights.  We do not limit our freedoms in any shape for or fashion.

Yet, people who promote gun control would do exactly that, they would limit or restrict our rights.  Gun control is not a gun issue, it is a rights issue.  We have the right to keep and bear arms, and that right is not to be infringed, period.

However, over the decades our rights have been infringed time and time again.

Well Kevin, what about criminals who use guns?  The answer is simple, keep those criminals locked away, forever.  How many gun crimes are committed by repeat offenders?  Offenders who were let out of prison, then committed more crimes.

Rather than disarming law abiding citizens, lock the criminals up.  Pass and enforce three strikes and you are out laws.  Some has three violent felony offenses, they go to prison forever.

Yes it is that simple.  Use drug money seized during crimes, and use that money to build prisons.

It is not that simple.  Bleeding heart liberals claim a person is the result of their up bringing.  That is fine, put the violent parents in prison and put the kids in homes where there is a good role model.

My dad told me something a long time ago – “If you can not control yourself, the government will control you.”

One of the big issues with gun crime is the revolving door for offenders.  Someone uses a gun when committing a drug or violent crime, put them in prison forever.

Liberal democrats will oppose such measures, because a lot of their voters will be in prison.

What we need are laws that punish criminals who use guns.

Forget banning certain type of guns.  Take all the gang bangers who use guns and put them in prison, forever.

The honest truth is, only idiots vote for gun control.  If someone wants to give up their rights and become a subject to the government, move to China, or Iran.  No guns, no freedom of the press, no freedom of religion, no rights for women…. etc.  In other words, a liberal utopia.


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