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Prepping Is a Marathon

Prepping Is a Marathon
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I was going to post a reply to this forum thread – is the forum serious? but decided to make a blog post.  In that thread the opening post talks about people prepping for stuff that may never happen.

My thought out answer: “Prepping is like a marathon.” Once you prep for hurricanes, civil unrest.. and other viable options, what else do you prep for? Like in the movie Forest Gump when Jenny yells and Forest, “run forest, run.” Well, you prep and keep on prepping.

Prepping could easily become a never ending process.

Someone may not start off prepping for a collapse, but that may be where they end up.

Someone may not plan on running a marathon, but if they train long enough they may be ready for one.

If you are not learning, then you are stagnated. So the goal is to keep challenging yourself.

  • Go hiking
  • Go camping
  • Raise a garden
  • Get some chickens
  • Plant some fruit trees… etc.

Before long you are prepping for an all out collapse of society.

Let’s take something as simple as salt for example.  Once you have it stockpiled, it will last forever.  Ok, you have a lifetime of salt stockpiled, so you move to something else.

Let’s say you stockpile 20 pounds of sugar.  Sugar never goes bad, so you move to something else.

You get a nice smoker that uses wood.  Now you have a way to cook.  With enough wood you will be able to cook for years.

Do this for 20 years and it is amazing how much stuff you can get stockpiled, and how many stills you can learn.  The key word is “years.”  Not days, not weeks and not months.  You prep for a couple of decades, and prep seriously, and before long you get prepared for a lot of stuff.

Prepping is more than just stockpiling.  It involves learning new skills and constant vigilance.  This is not a 100 yard dash and takes a few weeks or months.  It is long distance marathon that can take decades.

Then again, some preppers may only want the 100 yard dash, while others are willing to dedicate decades to it.

In the end, you will have what you put into it.


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