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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Regardless of religion, creed, color, race or sex, we all should find something to give thanks for.

All year long our lives are filled with something to do. Whether it is working, shopping… whatever it may be, we do not always spend the time we should with family.  Thanksgiving should be a time we visit with family, talk, share stories, and learn from our parents and grandparents.

My grandparents and great grandparents had so much knowledge that was not passed down.  What was it like when they were growing up?  My great grandmother lived through the depression, two world wars, and two major conflicts.  What was it like to see the world change that much?  What was it like to go from kerosene lanterns to putting a man on the moon?

We are on this earth for a short period of time, so we should make the best of time.  Not as in making money, but in spreading good will.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are not the only times we should be kind to each other.  Good will should be spread all through the year.

It seems like holidays have gone from family time, to shopping time.  There was once a time when my uncles, grandparents and parents would talk for hours upon hours.  I never understood what there was so to talk about for so long, then as I got older I understood.

Holidays are the one time a year families should be able to visit and talk, for as long as they want.

One regret I have is not spending more time with my great grandparents and grandparents.  I really wish I had taken more time to listen to them, and then to write down what they said.  There has been so much family history that has been lost.

This is not just my family, it is with every family.  how well do we know three or four generations back?  Where did the live, what kind of work did they do, what was everyday life like?

While visiting with the family, take time to listen to the older members, and pay attention to what they have to say.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


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