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Justice League Movie Review

The Justice League movie is getting a lot of undeserved bad reviews. My wife, my daughter and I went to go see Justice League at Tinsel Town in Beaumont, Texas on November 19, 2017. I felt I got my moneys worth.

When we go to the movies, we pay to be entertained. I was entertained and had a good time.

The negative Justice League reviews are nothing more than a reflection of how terrible DC has been able to capitalize on decades of super hero comics.

Take Batman for example:

  • How many people have played him over the decades?
  • How many times does the origin story have to be retold?
  • Ben Affleck has received a lot of undeserved negative reviews.
  • Each Batman series seems to have no tie-in with the others.

Where Marvel made it a point to tie their movies and cinematic universe together, DC has made no such attempt.

With Superman, the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeves was great, and Man of Steel was great.

Wonder Woman movie was great.

Where are all the other DC super hero movies?

Before Justice League was made, each hero should of had their own movie.  At the end of the movie, Ben Affleck could approach the character about joining the team.  As it stands, little is known about each character in the DC movie universe.

Then there is the issue of the movie having a two hour limit.  It seemed rushed in parts.  This could have easily been a two and a half hour movie.

There are rumors Batman may get another movie.  I hope Ben Affleck plays the part.

DC needs to sign actors to six or seven movie contracts, like what Marvel has done.   Bring some kind of continuity to the DC universe.

Overall, even though Justice League faced some paramount hurdles, I felt the movie was pretty good.

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