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Millennials Favor Communism and Socialism

Millennials Favor Communism and Socialism
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Millennials are disillusioned with capitalism are are turning to communism and socialism.

Can we honestly blame them? Standard of living in the United States has been stagnated since the 1970s, bleak job prospects, oppressive student debt, and the “follow your dreams” ideology turned out to be a lie.

In other words, everything built by a capitalist society has left millennials with little hope.

  • Little hope of owning a home.
  • No hope of being financially independent.
  • Little hope of living the American dream.
  • No hope of being able to afford to have a family.

Millennials have rejected an economic system that exploits workers.  Why would someone want to dedicate themselves to a line of work that would keep them in borderline poverty? That is one reason why I left the welding shops of southeast Texas.  Who in their right state of mind wants to dedicate decades of their life to working, and have nothing to show for it?  Thus is the end result of capitalism.

Communism, a system of government so wonderful it has to be established by force, then murders everyone who disagrees with it.

What has gone so wrong in our society that people such as Che Guevara are viewed in a favorable light?  Were the younger generation not taught about the dangers of socialism and communism?

Are the millennials not taught that if you speak out in China you may end up in a prison… forever?

Or maybe they were taught, and millennials feel they have no other option but to adopt communism or socialism?

Millennial Revolution

In all honesty, what choice do the millennials have but to have a communist revolution?  Capitalism has failed them.  Maybe the end game for capitalism is for it to be replaced by socialism or communism?

When the vast majority of wealth and power is centralized to a small group of people, the only option is revolution.

There use to be a mindset that kids would settle down after they got a job, married, bought a home…. etc.  That is no longer the case.  Millennials can not afford to buy a home, much less get married and have a family.  The old mind set that youngsters would outgrow communism is no longer valid.

The lack of economic opportunities does not allow young adults to outgrow socialism or communism.

How do you ignite a revolution?  Take everything away expect a persons right to speak.  Then, fuel the persons anger.  Point to a group and say, “Those people over there, they did this to you.”  Much like what liberal media is saying about conservatives.

While working conservative families were opposed to free trade, liberals promoted an agenda to spread our wealth to poor nations.  Now that developing nations have our factories, millennials are left with few job prospects.  The lack of upward mobility will lead to a communist and socialist revolution.

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