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To Love And To Lose

To Love And To Lose
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Dogs walking in a creek

The pain of losing my new puppy Buckshot reminds me of how bad it hurts to lose something you love.  My heart has been broken for two days, and I suspect the pain will last for months, maybe even years.

Buckshot came to the house looking for someone to love him.  All he wanted was for someone to play with him and love him.  He did not suffer and passed away within just a few seconds after being ran over.

The person who said it was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved, was an idiot.  The pain builds up over the years.  Sorrow, pain and regret fills our memories, or at least mine anyway.

My three dogs, Zoey, Ellis and Buster and I will sometimes go for a walk through the woods near the farm.  When my aunt got Buckshot, he started following us on those walks.  All he wanted was for someone to love him, and we did.  He was taken on some good walks through the woods.

There was one time, the dogs were hot and we came upon a pool for water.  Zoey and Buster got in the small pool to cool off.  Buckshot came over to the pool, and Zoey got out so he could get in.  The bigger dogs felt compassion and looked out for Buckshot.

Before Buckshot was ran over, Buster was trying to get him to stop chasing vehicles.  Buster would get between him and the vehicle and try to get him to stop.  What happened with my cousins truck, I do not know.

Buster would find a stick for him and Buckshot to play tug of war with.  They would lay in the yard and play fight for hours.  Buckshot had so much energy Buster and Zoey had to switch out.  Towards the end of the evening, Buster would be so tired he did not have the energy to play with Buckshot.

I would say that losing something we love is what makes us human, but that is not true.  All types of animals show emotion.

What I do not understand, why the pain hurts so bad.  Why does it feel like your world is coming to an end?

Humans have a unique ability to think forward in time.  We think about next month, and even plan for our retirement years in advance.

Why does the hurt of losing something reduce us to the here and now?


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