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Avoiding Tacticool

A few days ago the dogs and I went on a hiking trip in the woods near my house.  I usually wear a green or camo shirt, a style of combat boots, jeans,,, just something that will help my upper body blend in and my lower body avoid stickers.

Got back home, forgot to change clothes and went to a local corner store.  Standing at the counter I realized I stood out.  Camo is common in hunting season, but not summer time.

This was your typical country type corner store where most people the people see each other or even know each others names.  Associating myself with tacticool is something that I want to avoid.

I avoid tacticool.  My usual daily attire is jeans, boots and a carthart shirt, which is what a lot of people in the area wear.  If I do not wear jeans and boots, it is a pair of short and tennis shoes.  Whatever it takes to blen in and look like everyone else.

There is no reason to broadcast yourself through your choice of clothing.

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