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Why Are Glocks So Popular

Something that caught my eye the other day on youtube, the topic was the new Sig 320 being adopted. Someone said the military needed to get rid of the outdated Beretta design and go with something more modern.

Then the person said something along the lines of “modern like a glock.” Or otherwise implied Glock is a modern design.

I started laughing and thought to myself the guy in the video knows nothing of handgun history.

From my article on Alloutdoor – The 1980s Was A Handgun Revolution.

1982 Glock introduced the Glock 17.
1984 SIG Sauer started production of the P226.
1985 Beretta M9 adopted.
1985 Ruger P-Series started production.
1987 FBI started looking for a new handgun., resulting in the 40 S&W.
1988 Glock 19 started production.
1990 40 S&W started production.

Here is an example article – The Ruger P-guns: The 80s are calling, they want their handguns back.

In reality, Glock design is three years older than the Ruger P series. So who has the more “modern” design?

Glock trigger – mediocre at best. We have had better trigger pulls for over 100 years.

Glock sights – look cheap. Why not use the industry standard three dot? My Glock 19 did not ship from the factory sighted in. The windage is off several inches at just 30 – 40 feet. I paid close to $600 for a handgun that the company was too cheap to even make sure it was sighted in?

My personal feelings, a firearm should come out of the box ready to go.

Reliability – Reliability is not a selling point, it is a requirement.

On the topic of reliability, you go to a car lot and ask why a certain car or truck is good. The sales person starts saying it has power brakes, power steering, anti-lock brakes…. hang on a second. All of those have been around for decades. Those are not selling points, they are requirements.

A firearm being reliable is not a selling point, it is a requirement.

Safety – I am not even going to talk about the lack of a safety. If someone justifies taking safety features off, if you live in southeast Texas lets meet up and I will take those pesky seat belts out of your car or truck.

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