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Where Do You Find Your Happiness

Where Do You Find Your Happiness
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Kevin Felts political commentatorHappiness, what is it, where does it come from and where can it be found?  I turned 49 years old in 2017.  As I look back there have been various times when I was happy.  I can look back at the 1990s and think of times when I was happy, and a lot of times when I was not happy.

There have been times when I was very happy with a job.  Such as when I worked at various welding shops in Southeast Texas.  Some of them were good to work for, some were terrible.

The worst kind of happiness is that which depends upon others.

We are social creatures.  As such, we in part draw happiness from being with others.  We have relationships, friends, get married, have children, all of which depends on other people cooperating.  When they do not cooperate, our happiness is destroyed.  Such as a friend who tries to steal your wife, or a wife who cheats.

Some people would rather lie, cheat and steal than to have a boring stable life.  The lying, cheating and stealing appeals to their need for instant gratification.

True happiness does not depend on others, or a job.  This is the happiness that comes from peace, quiet and nature.  To listen to the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of water flowing along a creek bank, this is where true happiness is found.

Nobody can make us happy.  If someone can make us happy, then they can also break our heart and leave us sad and unhappy.

Happiness should be based on a mindset that you are happy and nobody can change that.  No amount of money can make someone happy, no amount of friends, nor anything else.

We make a decision everyday whether we want to be happy or unhappy.  Your perception of reality is based on at decision.

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