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Sootch00 Rifle Review Henry 44 Magnum Carbine

Sootch00 Rifle Review Henry 44 Magnum Carbine
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Sootch00 has released yet another great video, this one is of the Henry 44 Magnum Carbine.

Truth be known, I love lever action rifles. There is just something about them that draws attention. Maybe because the lever action is known as the rifle that won the west?  On top of that, have a handy short rifle chambered in 44 magnum?  Talk about a perfect combination.

For the 2017 deer season I am thinking about buying a lever action rifle.  Here is southeast Texas shots are rarely over say 125 yards or so.  Why not go with a 44 magnum?

My sons have a Marlin 336 in 30-30 Winchester.  It is a great rifle and the 30-30 Winchester is perfect for up close shots here in Southeast Texas.  But then again, I would like to have a rifle chambered in a handgun cartridge.


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