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What Trump Means To Preppers

What Trump Means To Preppers
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What does the election of Donald Trump mean to preppers, and to the United States? It means there is a lot of good stuff in the future.

End free trade and bring our jobs back from China.

Let China know we will no longer bow to them.

Restore relations with Russia.

Restore good relations with Britain. President obama made some disparaging comments after Britain left the EU.

Bomb ISIS back to the stone age. Even if you feel ISIS is no threat to the United States, they are a threat to stability in the middle east and they are a human rights issue.

ISIS is killing innocent civilians. Their actions have caused hundreds of thousands to flee the middle east. Destroy ISIS so families can return to their homes.

Secure our borders.

End decades of globalism.

No chance of new gun laws for several years.

Maybe we can get those M1s and 1911 from South Korea for the civilian marksmanship program?

Rewrite the tax code that gives companies incentives to leave the USA.

Ending Free Trade

When Richard Nixon opened relations with China, one of the first sectors to make the move was the toy sector.  Then went the clothing and textiles.  Now, just about everything is made in China.

Moving our factories to China is part of the globalist agenda.  They believe we should share the wealth with the rest of the world.  Rather than telling other nations to develop and innovate, the US government signed free trade agreements.

The globalist agenda of free trade has to end.  If China wants to have factories, their people need to create and innovate.

Lack of innovation is a inherent problem with communism.  The people are not allowed to be free thinkers.  Communism depends on oppression to control people.  Oppressed people are not innovators.

Chinas industrial revolution has depending on free nations and capitalisms search for cheap labor.

Part of ending free trade is telling China if they want to export, they have to innovate their own products and compete against companies in the U.S.A.

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