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Spent Day Cleaning Out Chicken House

Spent Day Cleaning Out Chicken House
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Chicken house

My chicken house is a mess so it is time to do some cleaning.  About a year and a half ago I set up a water barrel system inside the chicken house and is a 35 gallon drum going to a stainless steel pan with a float.  The chickens have been getting on the drum and pooping all over the top of it.  When I fill the drum up chicken poop is all over the place.

Then there is the metal trash can I store feed in.  It is next to the water barrel and close to a corner of the chicken house.  The chickens get into the corner and lay eggs, right where chickens get on the feed barrel and poop.

There is barely any room between the feed can and the wall, but enough room for the chickens to get into.

I decided to rearrange everything.

The water barrel is getting moved outside.

The feed can is getting moved away from the wall.  Now I can get in there and clean out.

The chickens are getting a laying box put in the corner.

Lessons learned

If a chicken can roost on it, they will.

Laying boxes probably need to be outside.

Water barrels need to be outside.

Pallets make a good chicken house floor.  The pallets I have on the floor are holding up well.

Any place a bug can get, it will get there.  Roaches love to hide in chicken houses.

When cleaning out a large chicken house take breaks and get fresh air.  The houses are full of dust.

I need to get a few more pallets to extend the floor. They have worked out really well, I just need a few more of them.

Guineas are not the bad parents they are made out to be. The mama guinea in my flock hatched out 6 keets (chicks). Of that 6 two remain. I suspect a snake or some other predator was getting to the chicks at night. Rather than having the chicks in the chicken house, the guinea had them out in some bushes.

A couple of hens are sleeping in the laying boxes, which is not good.  I need to read up on how to stop that as they are filling the laying boxes with poop.

Overall, things are going good with the chickens.  The new rooster has settled in nicely and has a flock of hens that stay around him.

I hope the new rooster can boost the fertility rate of the flock.  I need more chicks being hatched out and less chicks being bought.

Currently I have a broody Buff Orpington sitting on eggs.  It would be very nice if she hatched them out.

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