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Why Would Anyone Vote For Hillary Clinton

Why Would Anyone Vote For Hillary Clinton
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Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorWhy would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?  As a southern right wing, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-work for what you want republican I keep asking myself what has Hillary done to deserve all the popularity?

She is better than trump is not an honest answer.

What legislation has Hillary introduced that became law that has benefited everyday working people?

Refuses to address radical Islam.

No United States flags at the DNC.

Plays on racial tensions.

Pro-murder of unborn children.

Pro-gun control.

Anyone remember the White Water investigations?


Email server was hacked, FBI and justice department refuses to enforce the law.

Leaked DNC emails show donors will get positions in the federal government oversight committees.

If someone post a comment, and please do:

Please be exact, what has hillary done since she has held a public office?

What has she done that would make her qualified to even run for president?

Democrat Policy of Lies

Let’s take her promise for pay equality.  The statements are along the lines of, “If I am elected president, women will make as much as men.”  What people do not question is we already have a federal law on the books called the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

The Equal Pay Act has been used over the decades to punish companies who pay certain groups less money.

So the question is, what “exactly” would Hillary Clinton do not make sure women get equal pay?  Maybe pass another law that does the same thing as other laws on the books?

The Equal Pay Act is just one example.

The honest truth is, without fear Democrats have no platform.  Their political stance is one of repetition and simplicity over substance.  Simply put, tell a lie over and over until people believe the lie as truth.

In the end, people will see through her lies and those people will vote for Donald Trump.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats will inch the nation closer to socialism.  The end goal of socialism is for people to sacrifice their rights for the good of the whole.

So why would anyone vote for Hillary?

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