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Farm update June 9 2015

Things are moving along nicely, but rather slow.  The new chicken yard is working out well, the new chicken house is nearing completion, a large pen oak fell on the property so I need to cut that up, still need to clear fence rows for the cattle field, have not started on the pole barn, one of my newly planted fig trees may have died, the new pear tree might have drowned from all the rain,,,, just all kinds of stuff going on.

Lets talk about target goals for surviving a post-SHTF world.

Egg production

My target goal for egg production that I think my family would need in a post-SHTF world is at least 2 dozen eggs a day. For my parents, my wife, our kids, our grandkids, close friends and other family, I think at least 24 eggs a day is a reasonable number.  Keep in mind that 2 dozen eggs a day is a bare minimum.  Good laying breeds should be able to produce at least 1 egg a day for every 2 – 3 chickens.  Those are conservative numbers, but depending on the time of year and quality of their feed egg production goes up and down.

For the sake of discussion let’s say 1 egg for every 3 chickens per day.

Including the chickens that are supposed to arrive June 10, 2015, my wife and I will have 64 chickens.

64 chickens divided by 3 equals 21.33 eggs per day. With commercial high protein feed egg production would be much higher than 21 eggs per day. Since chickens would have to forage post-SHTF lets go with 3 eggs per day.  If chickens have access to land to forage commercial feed can be used as a supplement. Using the commercial feed as supplement will allow it to last longer, which will help keep egg production high.

Water for chicken house

The next step in the chicken house is to build a rain barrel catch system that will supply the chickens with water.

I am thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 gallons for the chickens.  Which would then go through a PVC pipe system to nipples.  These are the type where the chickens move the bar and the water comes out.

Tree fell on the property

Just when I was getting low on firewood a large pen oak tree uproots and falls over.  The location is just about perfect as I can back a trailer right up to the tree.

Ak-47 magazines

I bought some 20 round Korean AK-47 magazines that I need to do a review on.  Why 20 round magazines?  Why not?  I am looking for something that is a little more compact and lighter than the standard 30 round magazines.

Farm update June 9 2015
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