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Economic indicators for preppers

Economic indicators for preppers
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What are your economic indicators? In other words, how do you determine if the general public is worried about uncertain times?

Besides all the information the government publishes, I use three indicators.

The local feed and fertilizer / farm supply store

On Friday, May 22nd I was at Circle three feed in Jasper Texas to buy some chicks and chicken feed. While I was there I took a few minutes to talk to the nice lady behind the counter.

Usually, the chicks are sold between February, March and April.

This year, the farm supply store was not able to get chicks until April. The nice lady told me the store was not able to get chicks because the suppliers were sold out. In 15+ years, this is the first time the store had not been able to get chicks in February.

While at the farm supply store I bought:

10 Australorp chicks
7 Barred Rock chicks
100 pounds laying pellets
100 pounds hen scratch
25 pounds medicated chick starter

This is to go with the 12 chicks and 12 guineas my wife and I have coming in June.

When people start buying plants, seeds and chicks this usually means they are worried about the economy and food prices.

I live in a rural area. It is difficult “not” to know someone who has a garden, chickens, goats or cattle. When people are buying chicks they are worried about food.

How well are AR-15s selling

After I left Circle Three feed I went to the local super wal-mart in Jasper Texas. One thing I like to do is count how many AR-15s the store has in stock. When I walked through the sporting goods section there were 10 AR-15s on display.

The nice sales person told me they are selling an AR-15 once in a blue moon.

This tells me people are not worried about the government. Or rather the people are not worried about the government trying to take away guns.

Gun sales are also an indicator if people are worried about civil unrest. Living in a rural area my local gun sales are not an indicator if urban dwellers are worried about riots.

Ammunition sales

Besides how how well AR-15s are selling, I also look at how much ammunition is in stock. Everything but 22 long rifle was in stock.

Besides telling how the ARs were selling, the nice sales person also told me 22 long rifle was also telling out within hours of getting a shipment.

I do not know of if the 22 long rifle is supply and demand, or a low level of worry in the general population. The 22 long rifle is a great caliber for a long term SHTF situation.

Living in a rural area I do not know if people are buying 22 long rifle because they are worried or because the caliber is used for so many purposes.

What are your economic indicators

What do you use to determine if people are worried?

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