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When games fade away

Games come and go. Just like what happened with quake, quakeworld, doom, quake team fortress, half-life death match, diablo, diablo II, asheron’s call, everquest, daggerfall,,,, and hundreds of other games.

Remember the good ole days of playing the games you enjoy. One day you will tell your kids of the good times you had.
I still tell my kids about what quake was like in 1997 and 1998. When we used to play diablo II I would tell them stories of what it was like playing the original diablo on dialup.

As for myself, my kids and I used to play l4d / l4d2. Now my grandkids and I play.

It is sad when a game passes from the limelight, but it is just life.

My first exposure to video games was in the early 1980s when a local corner store put a Donkey Kong arcade game in. My buddies and I would collect our spare change, ride our bicycles to the store, buy a coke and put quarters into the Donkey Kong machine until we were broke.

From arcade games I moved to an atari, to nintendo, super nintendo and finally to pc gaming. My very first pc game was command and conquer for DOS. This was before windows 95 had been released.

My next games were doom, diablo and quake. Diablo and quake brought internet multiplayer mainstream.

Even through playing over dialup was terrible, in a way I miss it. Things seemed simpler back in the mid to late 1990s. My kids were young, they were in school, I had a job where I worked little overtime, things were good. I believe one reason why the 1990s were so good is because of the online gaming and advances in technology.

Kids these days will never know those simple joys of a bunch of friends riding their bikes a couple of miles to play a video game. Today, kids connect through the internet via game services such as xbox, playstation and steam.

Just like people and jobs games come and go. Like friends and jobs it is difficult to find a game you like. I find myself judging new games such as Path of Exile to the standard diablo set back in the 1990s. No matter how much I like a game sooner or later it fades away. That is how life is. No matter how much you like today, by tomorrow today will be a memory.

As with life all we can do is enjoy ourselves while we can and hold onto those good memories.

I am currently playing Path of Exile, which is free on steam. When I first installed th game I was not expecting much from a free game. after about 4 or 5 hours I was amazed at how great Path of Exile is. If you enjoyed the original diablo and diablo II, give Path of Exile a try. If you are playing Diablo III and think it is good, after you play Path of Exile you will throw rocks at Diablo III.

Something that I really miss is playing games with my kids. When my sons and daughter were young we would play Diablo II, quake, left 4 dead, team fortress classic, fortress forever and left 4 dead 2. Steam allowed my kids and I to spend with each other even though we lived a hundred miles apart. When my first wife and I divorced I really missed seeing my kids. Playing online allowed us to stay connected before sites like facebook.

Games are so much more than just “games”. They are a way for people to spend time together in a virtual reality.

I will forever cherish the time I spend playing video games with my friends and family. That time is part of our shared memory. Games are no replacement for quality time. I would much rather be hiking, hunting or camping with my friends and family, but sometimes you have take what you can get.  If I can get some game time with my son in Georgia, then I will take it.

Creating my son his own steam account in 2007 was one of the best investments I ever made.  When he got a new computer he installed steam, logged in and started downloading his games.  The next day or so we were playing left 4 dead 2 just like he was sitting in the next room.  Why talk on the phone or chat on facebook when we can kill zombies together?

Now that left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 has faded into the limelight it is just a matter of time before we find another game to play together.  I thought about picking up evolve but the reviews are not that good.  Maybe I can talk my son into playing some Path of Exile with me.  If not hopefully Valve software will finally release left 4 dead 3.

I really miss spending time with my friends and family, just like I miss those old games.

Until next time peace be unto you and yours.

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