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Start of the Toyota Tacoma project

Start of the Toyota Tacoma project
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I have always wanted a truck project.  Something that I could rebuild, add some custom features, fix up and call my own.  When friends and family members come over I would tell them all about the truck, what I did to it, the attention to detail, and just brag on my accomplishment.

There is just something about working with my hands, getting sweating, dirty, greasy, and even bleed a little that makes me feel more like a man.

A few years ago I bought a 1981 Jeep CJ-5 that was supposed to be my project.  The Jeep was parked near a creek, there were some strong rains, the creek rose and water got into the motor and transmission.  Realizing that the jeep was going to need a complete new power train kinda bummed me out.

I pulled the jeep into a field and parked it there.  The plan is to build a pole barn over the Jeep and my wifes 1981 Toyota truck.  Then when the pole barn is built, maybe then continue working on it.

In April 2014 I ran across a great deal on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4×4.  The truck had been abused like a redheaded step child.  A tree limb had gone through the front windshield, a front tire was off the rim, gears stripped in the rear end and a front end hub was stripped.  In short, the truck was going to take a “lot” of time and effort.  It just so happened time was something the previous owner was short on.

For once in my life I feel that I have the spare time and money to put into a truck rebuild project.

The previous owner and I reached a deal on the price, which was an AR-15.  I threw in a sling, 3 pmags, magpul stock, magpul forearm stock, magpul flip up rear sight and 150 rounds of 223 Remington.   In May the previous owner delivered the truck to my house.

Between May and the end of October I put all of my free time went into finishing the new chicken yard.  I had to get the new chicken yard and chicken house finished before winter set in.  My wife and I had ordered summer chicks.  The older chickens and the new chicks had to be separated to prevent fighting.  Plus, I did not want to be working in the new chicken house in the middle of winter.

Now that the chicken yard and new chicken house are pretty much finished, it is time to start on the Tacoma project.

First steps

The Toyota Tacoma was delivered with a 35 inch super swamper that was off the rim. My wife and I took the tire off the truck and brought it to Hollis tire in Jasper Texas to have the tire put back on the rim. That cost $20.

Next is to redo the battery clamps. The previous owner rigged up some kind of connection that doe snot look very reassuring. I want to replace those cheap battery terminal connectors with some good quality copper clamps.

The bolts that hold the radiator in place are missing. The radiator shroud is sitting on top of the fan blade, which as wore the blades down. The radiator bolts are missing. I might take the radiator out, take it to lowes and try some bolts until I find the size that fits.

Fan belts need to be replaced. While I am working on the motor, just go ahead and change the oil.

Weekend of October 31st – November 2nd get the radiator mounted back on and finding a replacement fan blade.

Toyota Tacoma

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