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Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak

On June 26, 2014 Vice posted a video on youtube about the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Little did we know the outbreak was going to get much worse. It is kinda scary that in just six or so weeks the Ebola outbreak went from barley making the news to getting worldwide attention.

There are a several important points in this video:

1. As the population of Africa expands into jungle, the indigenous people will be exposed to viral infections never seen before.

2. We share around 99% of our DNA with primates. When humans keep primates as pets and eat meat from primates, there is an increased risk of exposure.

3. With modern transportation Ebola and other diseases are just a plane ride away from the rest of the world.

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  • NiiAmo

    Kevin Felts: Just food for thought, the world largest jungle (rain forest) is the amazon rain forest where one of the staple meat of the indigenous people is monkey meat. They are know to breast feed monkeys they keep as pets but we never hear anyone saying there is any fear of human getting exposed to viral infections as we expand into the amazon jungle and have increased contact with these indigenous people. I find it strange that almost all strange viral diseases get traced to the African jungle where monkey meat is not a staple of most Africans (just a few tribal groups in central Africa). Does this sound strange to anyone?

  • That is a very good observation, thank you for sharing.

    Why are the new diseases are coming out of Africa, but nothing out of South America?

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