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Drying green beans

My first attempt at drying green beans. My wife and I planted 2 rows of beans, 1 row Roma II snap beans and 1 row contender snap beans. On Sunday June 1st I picked exactly 5 pounds of beans. I know it was 5 pounds because I used a scale.

My wife has been putting a bunch of the beans in the freezer, and we are going to can a bunch of them. To go along with the canning and frozen beans, I want to dry some using an old method of using a string.

Using sewing string for quilts I did one string of Roma II and one string of Contender bush bean.

I started on the stem end, which does not have a lot of meat to hold the thread. The ends of two of the bean pods broke off and another pulled off the string.

To fix those problems I started threading the string through the end of the pod where the last bean would have formed. These beans are immature and the beans have not formed. This making cooking them easier than cooking whole beans.

After I was finished threading the string through the pods, I took them out to my shed and hung them from a nail in the rafter.

I hope to do several of these strings, let them dry through the hot summer months, then cook and eat them in November, December and January.

So far this summer has been unusually cool. Here in southeast Texas we are usually in the upper 80s and sometimes in the mower 90s by the start of May. I do not think we have hit the 90s more than maybe once or twice so far this year. We are supposed to be in the 90s by this weekend.

There were some suggestions on youtube to run the needle through the middle of the pod. I will do that on the next set of beans.

As the beans dry I will post updates to their progress.

Forum threadDrying Green Beans

Green beans ready to be hung up

Contender bush bean strung together

Contender green beans ready to be hung up

Contender beans tied together

Roma II green beans ready to be hung up

Roma II green beans with thread through the pods.

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