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My neighbor was robbed

My neighbor was robbed
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An older gentlemen and his wife who live close to me were robbed last friday. They were out of town on a trip that lasted thursday through saturday.

Sometime while they were gone the front door was kicked in, the whole gun safe was stolen, and the thieves tried to steal a truck. But while in the process of moving the truck to load stuff in it, the thieves got the truck stuck in the yard.

The man had some day laborers who had been doing work on his farm.  The police are focusing in the those day laborers as the primary suspects.  But what do you do when you need help?  Do you ask friends and family and wait on them to get free time?  Or do you go down to a local corner store and hire some day workers?  My personal preference is to rely on friends and family rather than inviting people I do not know onto my property.

It seems like people are no longer safe regardless of where they go. I figure that living in a rural area crime would be non-existent, but it is still here.

Thieves are like democrats. You work hard all your whole life, accumulate property, then someone kicks in your door and takes it from you. It it is not the democrats then it is the child support office, the irs or some other agency trying to take what you have worked hard for.

What do people have to do to live in peace and quiet?  Do we move out of the city to the suburbs?  Do we move to a rural area several miles from town?  What does it take to live as one wishes?

In the grand scheme is things people taking things that does not belong to them has probably been with mankind since we first started to collect property.  Whether it was a pair of shoes, spear, scrapping tool for cleaning hides,,, there are people out there who would rather take than earn their own.

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