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Month: September 2013

Thinking about 2014 spring garden

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While it is drizzling rain here in southeast Texas I am using the damp conditions to burn a brush pile. The burning brush pile is where wife and I are planning on planting potatoes and corn next year.

I am standing in the rain, wearing my boonie hat, when I start thinking about what crops would be good to raise next spring.

Some of the crops I thought about are corn, squash, zucchini, purple hull peas, okra and potatoes.

In another field closer to the house my wife and I are going to plant snap beans, some more potatoes and tomatoes.

My wife and I are planning on canning a lot of the food we are going to grow in the garden.

What did I miss?

Survival gear purchases September 2013

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Every month I try to take a look at my preps, take inventory, look at the hot politics at the time, and then make a couple of purchases.  Usually my purchases are #10 cans of freeze dried foods, maybe building a chicken house, building a chicken yard,,,, and so on.

Prepping should be a way of life.  The only way to keep your preps current is to do an inventory, test your plans, then make changes to your plans based on the results of the test.

Wildlife Feeder

My wife wants a wildlife feeder setup in the back of the field to attract wildlife.  While providing a relaxing scene of watching deer, hogs, squirrels and other wildlife, this also provides an excellent opportunity to harvest meat during a SHTF situation.


Feeling a little overwhelmed

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After my wife and I got moved to the farm I figured things would settle down a little bit. I thought I would be able to get into a grove of doing some work in the evenings and on the weekends.

In all honesty there is no “little” about it.

There is a shed that needs to be rebuilt.  I haev stuff laying around the house that needs to go in the shed, but the shed needs to be moved into place and some boards replaced before all of the stuff is put back in the shed.

Fence rows to clear out.

A chicken house needs to be built by spring.

A water well that needs to be drilled.

A deck to be built on the back of the house.

A chicken is missing.

A chicken hawk tried to grab one of my other chickens.

My wife and I tried to rescue a couple of roosters, which failed.

Dirt needs to be hauled in to fill in some low spots.

Raised bed garden needs to be built.

The septic system was put down.  But after the last rain some of the dirt around the tanks sunk down.  So now I have to get some dirt to fill in around the septic tank.

The more work I do on the farm the more respect I have for people who settled the frontier.  It is difficult enough making my own place with 21st century tools.  How settlers worked the land with a horse, plow and axe I will never know.

Think I know what happened to my missing hen

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I think I found out what happened to my missing hen.

My cousin got off work a little earlier than normal today, September 23, 2013. After he got home my cousin took his dog for a walk, rounded the corner of a tree line, and just happened to see a chicken hawk on top of one of my Rhode Island Reds.

The dog took off after the chicken hawk, which let the chicken go and flew to safety.

My cousin said the chicken jumped up and limped off.  Hopefully it was not injured to bad.  I looked at my 4 Rhode Island Reds and did not see any blood on them.

When the hen was attacked it was out free ranging and in the chicken yard.

After this incident I am considering covering the chicken yard with monofilament fishing line in series of grids. But, I want my chickens to be able to free range.

Another option is to stick with large breeds of chickens and to get a couple of roosters.  My wife wants some Buff Orpingtons, and I want some Dominiques, aka Dominicker. When we get the new chickens we will probably get at least one rooster of each breed, then another rooster for the original dozen chickens. This will give us 3 dozen hens and 3 roosters.

The chicken who came up missing was a rather small Speckled Sussex.  This was a very tame chicken, which might have contributed to its undoing.  Rather that running from danger, maybe the Rhode Island Red and Speckled Sussex just stood there looking at the hawk.

What does it take to be happy

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Lets just go ahead and face it, people no longer know what makes them happy.

If you listen to commercials, the only way to be happy is to be in massive debt – buy the new phone, buy the new TV, buy the new car,,,, buy, buy, buy until you are tapped out.

True happiness can not be based on physical items. Having something is not going to make you happy. People have to make a decision to be happy, nobody and nothing can can force you to be happy.

My exwife was very unhappy when we were married. When I tried to talk to her about her mental health, she would say “look at who I am married to.” In other words, she blamed me for her being unhappy.

After I left and we divorced she still was not happy. A decade after we divorced and she is still angry and bitter at the world.

Happiness is a decision we make within ourself.

Happiness can not be based on someone else.

Happiness can not be based on having a physical object.

The problem with generation Y is they have been told so much garbage they do not know what they need to do to be happy.

A couple of months ago my wife and I planted a willow tree in the front yard. I have been watering the tree so much a frog has made the mulch around the tree its home. Its the little things that should bring us happiness. Such as seeing a tree grow, a frog, a squirrel playing in the trees, chickens scratching at the ground, wind blowing through the trees,,,, those are the things that should bring us happiness.

Checking On The Wildlife feeders

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Here in southeast Texas hunting season starts in just a few weeks.  Archery season starts the first Saturday in October, while regular rifle season starts the first Saturday in November. In order to get ready for deer season my dad and I went to the hunting lease to check on things.

While dad used the tractor and brush hog to clear the ATV trails I used a 4-wheeler to get from one stand and wildlife feeder to the other.

The first feeder had been knocked over sometime during the off season. The first feeder is not included in the video. The top of the drum was bent so that the lid would not go back on. but the damage was nothing that could not be fixed with a nice sized hammer.


Storm In The Distance

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As I sit here in my office I can hear rolling thunder in the distance.  The dark clouds are not too far away, hopefully bringing much needed rain to the area.  Southeast Texas, where I live has been in a drought for several months.

There is another storm brewing in the distance.  This storm is over ideology and resources.

Ask yourself, why has the United States only gone into conflicts that involved oil producing nations?  It is not that we are lacking resources, the conflicts are to seize control of those resources.

The thunder I hear in the distance are the drums of war.


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