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Month: July 2013

Got Moved

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My wife and I have gotten ourselves moved to a rural area in southeast Texas. Now we have to get the water, power and sewer hooked up.

One of the issues with moving to a rural area is you have to figure just about everything out for yourself. The power and phone companies will take care of their end, but you still have to get the septic tanks and field lines put down, and you have to get someone to drill the water well.

Living in a city is easy. To get the water turned on just called the water district and get them to turn on the water.

But out here in a rural area you have to pay someone to drill a water well, which can get very expensive.

The get the septic put down I will either have to borrow or rent a small excavator. And then I have to have someone that can run the thing. When dealing with heavy equipment experience counts.

The chickens were let out of their new chicken yard yesterday. From the looks of things they had a field day digging through the tree line.

Projects in the pipeline:

Water well
Water system for the chicken yard
Build a deck on back of house

After the weather cools off I want to start fencing off a 10 acre field for cattle. I would really like to be ready for cattle by late spring 2014.

I am not sure when I will be ready for pigs, but I would like to raise my own swine.

Moving To The Farm July 27 2013

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Man oh man what a day. We got the storage building and deck moved, got the u-haul loaded, and transported a bunch of cement blocks that were used for the deck to the farm.

The chickens are doing well. They have adjusted to drinking creek water, and they are enjoying their new yard. Part of the yard is shaded by oak trees while the other section gets a lot of sunlight. This allows the chickens to get as much shade, or as much sunlight as they want.

The chickens went from 9 square feet each in their old run to 185 square feet in their new yard. I think the extra room has decreased the chickens stress levels, which has resulted in less bad behavior.

The rabbits are doing well in their new location. Just as the chickens have done the rabbits have adjusted to drinking creek water.

After the house is put in the next phase will be to put down the sewer system and water well.

Tomorrow (July 28, 2013) will be another day of moving stuff.

Video Game Prices

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Francis has a melt down over video game prices. For the most part I agree with him.

With day 1 expansions (aka DLC) and day one patches, what is is the public supposed to think? If there is a day one DLC that tells me I did not get the whole game. the developers left some of the game out just to sale it to us as “extra” content.

Why would I want to pay $60 for a game that has to download patches upon release? And then, to enjoy the whole game I have to buy the extra content?

No thank you, I will wait for the steam sales.

Moving The Chicken House To The Farm

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What do you do when you have chickens and plan on bugging out? You build the chicken house where it will fit on a trailer, or in the bed of a truck.

When my wife and I built the chicken coop we knew that one day we would be moving. So the chicken coop was built so that it would fit on a dual axle trailer.  The inside of the trailer measured 7 feet, so the coop was built 6 foot 3 inches wide.Barred Rock Chicken

Today (July 20, 2013) my plans were put to the test. Here is the story of moving the chicken house.

What a day. Started off with breakfast, pulled my boat to the camp, picked up my son, back home, then moved the chicken coop into position to be loaded on a trailer.

Loaded the chicken coop on a trailer, dad pulled the coop and trailer to the camp while I had the run on a trailer attached to my truck.

Got to the camp, unloaded the chicken coop, attached it to the new chicken yard then let the chickens out.

The chickens went from a 6X10 enclosure, to a 73X33 yard.

Video about building the chicken yard


Aggression In Modern Society

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Last night I was watching a youtube video about the zimmerman trial when I clicked on a related video. The related video was about someone being convicted of murder.

I kept clicking on related videos of people being convicted of rape or murder, but mostly murder.

A couple of videos showed the accused attacking their lawyers, some cursed the judge, one guy pissed in a trash can right there in the court room,,,. One man was accused of killing two women by setting them on fire, one woman was pregnant.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

The vast majority of people in the youtube videos showed a total lack of respect for our laws and justice system.

We only have one life to live, why live it behind bars?

An animal does what it does.

Foxes eat mice and steal chickens. The fox does what comes natural to it.

People on the other hand, we have an option.

When breeding livestock you look for desirable traits, and breed for those traits.

I have a couple of hens that are pretty smart. When I get a rooster I want to breed those hens to maintain certain traits in my flock. When a chicken is aggressive to other chickens or to people, you do not breed that chicken. You chops its head off and throw it in the pot. That gets rid of the aggressive genetic trait and purges it from the flock.

If a rooster is aggressive to people or children, you do not breed that rooster. You make that rooster into chicken and dumplings.

What happens when women go after aggressive men generation after generation? We have a genetic line of men who are increasingly aggressive with every generation.

10,000 years ago breeding with an aggressive male would help ensure the future of the offspring.

Today, those aggressive traits are not desirable as society has become domesticated.

I am thinking society has out paced evolution. Or maybe, aggression is an outdated evolutionary trait.

Random Thoughts July 16 2013

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With everything going on in the world and in the United States, I think it is time for another random thoughts article.

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin – is it not enough that one man is dead, another fears for his life, but now people have to go around protesting in the streets?

Jesus H Christ, do the whites go around protesting everytime a black person kills a whitey?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

What happened after the OJ Simpson case? Did white people go around protesting against OJ? Did the National Association of White People pressure the justice department on the OJ case?  Did the Kl Klux Klan or skinheads put a $10,000 reward on the head of OJ?

People need to set racial issues aside and have some respect for our legal system.

Racial tensions still exist – If the Zimmerman / Martin case has proven anything, it is that we are still a nation divided by racial tensions.

As long as we have people promoting fear, anger and hatred based on race, we will never know peace.

It will probably be another 2 or 3 generations before racial tensions are a thing of the past.  But even then there will be people who wish to profit from fear-mongering.


T Minus Two Weeks

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My wife and I have 2 weeks until we move to the farm. In other words, we have 2 weeks until we start a new phase in our lives.

The chicken yard is almost finished.

A couple of pine trees need to be cut as they are leaning towards the house location.

Some stumps need to be cut down to ground level.

Unused stuff is being packed up and stored at my parents place.

Starting July 26 the boat, chicken house, shed and porch will be moved.

After the front porch has been moved we are going to back a U-hual up to the front door.

It is probably going to be 2 weeks until we get power at the new home location. During that time my wife and I will be staying at my parents place.

1. Get moved in.

2. Put septic system down.

3. Get power put in – we are looking at up to 2 weeks for power. During that time we are going to put the septic system and water well down.

4. Somewhere in all of that have a water well put down.

The Zimmerman Verdict

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The root issue of the Zimmerman case is the peoples ability to protect not only their community, but also themselves.

Community had a rash of crime.

Community organizes watch program.

Community watch member sees suspicious person walking streets at night.

Suspicious person attacks community watch member.

Community watch member shoots and kills suspicious person in self-defense.

There is no racism in what happened.

But protesting the verdict, people are saying we should not have the right to protect our community, nor should we have the right to protect ourselves.

In other words, protestors are saying we should stay in our homes why crime runs rampant on our streets.

Martin and Zimmerman were at the wrong place and at the wrong time. But just because Zimmerman was following Martin, that did not give Martin the right to attack Zimmerman.

There is no reason to protest this verdict. To protest the verdict is to protest our ability to be safe in our community and in our person.

Third Economic Downturn Will Be Our Undoing

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One of the common questions posted on the forum is when will SHTF.  When is something big going to happen?

Rather than a turd hitting a fan, what if I told you it was more like diarrhea hitting the fan?  In the past 40 years we have faced 2 economic downturns that have had profound long term effects.  The effects have been so slow that they ave gone unnoticed.  Unnoticed that is until you look at the big picture.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

Economic Downturn #1.  Nixon took us off the gold standard, which caused rapid inflation.

For the most part people have no idea what the true value of their paper money is, as we have no tangible item to compare the value of paper money to.

Taking the U.S. off the gold standard has also allowed the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air, which has also contributed to inflation.

Economic Downturn #2.  Losing our shipyards in the 1980s, and the free trade acts of the 1990s.  For the sake of discussion job loss will be combined into one category.


Three Weeks

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My wife and I are down to three weeks until we are scheduled to move.

I feel that I am about to enter a new phase in my life.  My wife and I are moving to a rural area of southeast Texas, and only 10 months left on child support.

Moving away from the city will allow my wife and I to have more livestock then what we currently have.  I would like to have cattle, pigs, goats and maybe some sheep to go along with our chickens.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

After the move we will have land to grow a garden on, just about any sized we want.  If we want to grow corn, okra or watermelons we are going to be able to do so.

After dealing with child support office of Jefferson and Harris county, I understand why so many men never want children.  I feel that fathers are abused by the system, treated like nothing more than a paycheck (or milk cow), and then cast away when no longer useful.

Both parents should be held accountable for the children that are brought into the world.  But as it stands right now only one parent is held responsible, and most of the time it is the father.

I take comfort in knowing that starting in August of 2013 my wife and I will be able to grow as much food as we want, and have as many chickens as we want.

I also take comfort in knowing that in 10 months the exwife that has been sucking money from me will be cut loose.  No more free money and no more free ride.  If you want money she will have to get a job.  Oh the horror of a mother having to get a job rather than leaching off someone else.

When the child support finally comes to an end it will feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  That is a day I am looking forward to.

In three weeks I am entering a new phase in my life.

In 10 months I will be entering another phase of life.  A phase where I can live my life as I wish and without the threat of imprisonment if I do not pay a monthly bill.


Building A Chicken Yard Part 1

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For those of you who are planning on raising chickens after SHTF / TEOTWAWKI, have you put any thought into building the chicken yard? People who have lived in a rural area may have been exposed to the hard work of building a chicken yard. But people who live in the city or urban areas, the vast majority have no idea how much hard work building a chicken yard takes.

As some of yall may know my wife and I are planning on moving to a rural area of southeast Texas. We have moved past the planning phase are are moving to the implementation phase.Barred Rock chicken

When my wife make the move to the homestead, the chicken coop will be loaded on a trailer, taken to the farm, unloaded and bumped up to the new chicken yard. Before all of that can happen the new chicken yard has to be built.

After spending a lot of time on the dimensions, how many square feet each chicken needs, how many chickens I wanted, and room for growth,,, I came up with a chicken yard that is 75 feet long and 30 feet wide.


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