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On the topic of black friday and selling our souls

It appears to me black friday gets pushed back a little earlier every year.

My wife and I usually eat thanksgiving lunch, rest for a couple of hours, then go to walmart to catch a black friday deal. For the past few years the lines did not start building until later in the evening.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

This year my wife and I went to walmart for a couple of external hard drives and memory cards. We arrived at the store around 5:30 to find lines were already 100+ feet long.

I was rather set back at the sight of people who sacrificed thanksgiving time with their families just to save a few bucks.

To look at the lines it appears that we have become nothing more than a marketable product to wall street.

Gone are the days when families enjoyed time together.

We have allowed wall street to take our traditions and our culture, and sell them back to us in the name of saving money.

What is more important, saving a few dollars or spending time with the family?

Maybe the lines at walmart are a sign of the times? Maybe the lines are a symbol of how desperate people have become? I would like to think humanity is better than fighting over some christmas toy, but I am probably wrong.

On the topic of black friday and selling our souls
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Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. In his free time you may find Kevin working around the farm, building something, or tending to the livestock
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